The Best Thing METALLICA Has Put Out in 26 Years!

Metallica - Live Orion FestivalNo it’s not an official album either.

It’s a live concert [June 23, 2012 Orion Music + More - Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ] where they revisited and played their “Ride the Lightning” masterpiece in it’s entirety. Yes folks, you read that correct. Never say never.

For those who did not get to attend the show live, watch the You Tube clips later or even knew about the download site – I’m officially declaring this as historic | EPIC or monumental [laughs].

To set the record straight, they sandwiched other songs before and after the actual run through of the RTL LP…which is cool. But I will leave those out for sake of clarity in this special post. And believe it or not Lars actually played pretty good during this show, which really surprised me.


Set list:


Ride The Lightning Album Intro

The Call of Ktulu

Creeping Death


Trapped Under Ice

[Kirk Solo]

Fade to Black


For Whom The Bell Tolls


Ride The Lightning


Fight Fire With Fire

It took 28 years but the “song that they never wanted to play live” finally made the set list. Escape was debuted for the first time.




Show Notes


  • This was the 17th show that Metallica performed in 2012.


  • This was the first of two shows at Orion Music + More, which is a festival curated by Metallica themselves.


  • This was the first time that Metallica performed in Atlantic City, NJ.


  • This was the first time that Ride the Lightning was performed in its entirety.


  • This was the first time that “The Call of Ktulu” was performed in New Jersey.  This was the fourth performance of the song in the US over the last 10 years.


  • This was only the second time that “Creeping Death” was performed in 2012.


  • This was only the seventh time that “Trapped Under Ice” was performed in the US.


  • This was the first time that “Fade to Black” was played in 2012.


  • Metallica performed 18 songs off of five albums and one EP: Kill ‘Em All (3), Ride the Lightning (8), Master of Puppets (2), The Black Album (3), …And Justice for All (1), Beyond Magnetic (1)



 The Art





Fan Art: zepeda

Fan Art: zepeda

Horns Up (Metal Horns) Invade Mainstream Culture!

Cat HornsYet another example of how the terms: “rock on” | “rockstar” or the “horns up” gesture continue to invade mainstream culture.

I ran across this cutesy [sic] logo on the internet. It’s a site that posts pet pics, so I am not promoting it; something triggered in me upon encountering. You know, one of those ah-ha moments or sign-of-the-times-slap-you-in-the-face moments [laughs].

Allegedly, what started out way back in Italy (and some Mediterranean cultures, when confronted with unfortunate events, or simply when these events are mentioned) the sign of the horns may be given to ward off bad luck.

It is also used traditionally to counter or ward off the “evil-eye” (malocchio).

Most peeps came to recognize this gesture from seeing Metal icons Ronnie James DIO [R.I.P.], Ozzy Osbourne and maybe Gene Simmons [or so he claims] using it repeatedly onstage over the years.

According to Ronnie, he didn’t invent the “horns” hand gesture, he just popularized it.

“I was in Sabbath at the time. It was a symbol that I thought was reflective of what that band was supposed to be all about. It’s NOT the Dio_-_1998devil’s sign like we’re here with the devil. It’s an Italian thing I got from my Grandmother.” Dio said in a 2001 interview.

“It’s to ward off the Evil Eye or to give the Evil Eye, depending on which way you do it. It’s just a symbol but it had magical incantations and attitudes to it and I felt it worked very well with Sabbath. So I became very noted for it and then everybody else started to pick up on it and away it went. But I would never say I take credit for being the first to do it.”

*As time passed, the “horns” came to symbolize not only Sabbath but heavy metal music in general and rock fans the world over adopted it as a sort of not-so-secret handshake.

“The Age of Irony” dawned in the early to mid-eighties and among the “progressive” set, flashing the “horns” became the visual equivalent to yelling “Freebird” at a concert. Let’s Active fans had found a way to simultaneously make fun of the heshers that beat them up in high school while appearing deliciously droll to their bolo-tied brethren.

By the time a new generation of kids came on the scene, only jaded slackers would flash the two-fingered salute in an eye-rolling attempt to elicit knowing snickers from the rest of the coffee-house. Then came NuMetal.


RRC - logo

Postscript: We stuck with the Horns. F**k ‘em.


Rap/Rock Mooks all across America had learned from their cousins, stepdads, uncles and cellmates that the horns meant something having to do with Hard Feckin’ Rawk. It was a way for a guy to scream “Woooooooo!” without uttering a sound. The horns enjoyed a brief renaissance until the already painfully derivative genre that nurtured the comeback began to feed on itself and suck even harder.

Today, the horns are merely another imagined accoutrement of the “band guy” like his eyeliner or backwards baseball cap. In photos, it is imperative the band guy flash the horns to identify himself as someone who “rocks”. The irony lies in the fact that 98% of the people who flash the horns to signify that they rock, in fact, do not.



When the RRC [Rock and Roll Confidential] website launched quietly, we adopted as our symbol a stylized version of “The Horns”: a modification of the classic Windows “pointing hand”. We felt it represented music and computers, which is where the Internet lives. It also represented one of the few times we actually came up with something clever.

However, during the revamp of the site, we began to have doubts about our trusty sidekick. There were just too many pictures of douchebag band guys flashing the horns. People were flashing the horns at MTV Beach Parties and N*Sync concerts. NuMetalers flashed it when they weren’t giving the finger. The whole thing had become a huge cliché, and it seemed like a good time to put it to bed.

So, on one hand, our little logo [above] is a neat way of saying “Hey look, it’s Rock and Roll on the web…or something.” On the other hand, thanks to douchebags like the ones that reside in our Halls of Douchebags, it’s become a played-out joke like dookie chains and Jackson guitars.

In the world of band photography, only one totem approaches the ubiquity of the brick wall: The “Horns”. We’ve all seen it thousands of times. It’s the hand gesture, index and pinky fingers outstretched, meant to symbolize rock and roll, world-weary ennui and sarcasm or simply partying down.


In closing, rawk on, all you [wannabee] rockstars out there.

Horn’s Up!



*Quote from RRC


Should this [essentially] harmless, iconic gesture be put to bed or is it too late in 2014?

X-Treme X-Ray: The Night Was Black

Pic Nick Veasey

“Woe to you, oh earth and sea

For the Devil sends the beast with wrath

Because he knows the time is short

Let him who hath understanding

Reckon the number of the beast

For it is a human number

Its number is six hundred and sixty-six”


A beautiful and utterly mesmerizing view of everyday objects.

X-Treme X-RayIn a security-obsessed age, this work is subtly subversive, as it uses advanced technology to discover inner beauty rather than concealed dangers.

Using security scanners and x-ray machines, Nick Veasey creates beautiful, unsettling, inside-out images that reveal—like never before—the intricacy of everyday objects, animals, and plants. Whether the spectacle of an x-rayed Boeing 777, the elaborate geometry of an mp3 player’s circuit boards, or the ethereal grace of a translucent daffodil, each page of this book is an absorbing work of art.

Nick Veasey is a self-taught, award-winning photographer who works with clients from all over the word. His x-ray photography has been commissioned by many of the world’s leading companies and his work featured in Time magazine, The New York Times, New York Daily News, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald and Die Zeit.

Veasey captures the x-ray images on film in a lead-lined studio. (He works on the outside of the studio when the machines are operating.) He wears lead underpants. Once the x-ray has been exposed, it is scanned at ultra-high resolution, using special equipment tailored for the process. These digital images are then composed and embellished on a computer. The whole process can take weeks or even months—but the results speak for themselves.

*Check out the book (from which the awesome pic above originates from)…and no it doesn’t contain Revelations or Iron Maiden lyrics [laughs]!

NUCLEAR ASSAULT: Ready for Survival? [Interview]

N.Assault 87 promo

Nuclear Greetings!

*Lets get right to it, Nuclear Assault have just finished a very successful tour of Europe. They toured with Atomkraft and Agent Steel and sources say it was great. Special thanks [from the band] to all the overseas maniacs. All hail: beer, legal hash, beer, space cakes, beer, women with foreign accents, beer, red light districts, beer, tour buses, beer, and PD’s!

The Plague EP is out, so what are you waiting for go get it!

That makes three pieces of vinyl the Nuclear ones have released so far. They are:

  • Brain Death
  • Game Over
  • The Plague

…all on Combat Records in the U.S., and on Under One Flag in Europe. They will be recording a new LP in L.A. but it won’t be out until spring of 88′.



Anthony – Glenn – Danny – John

These East Coast dudes kick major ass and are personal favorites of mine, equally mixing metal, thrash and hardcore; effectively spitting out what is being called ‘crossover’ now.

Their music is rough and raw and in your face at all times. Lyrically they tackle pretty much anything that pisses them off and vocalist [and guitarist] John Connelly has a very unique yet powerful vocal delivery style and range. Everyone knows by now that John and bassist Dan Lilker were involved in the early versions of ANTHRAX.

After much revolving door personnel, they ended up getting together with guitarist Anthony Bramante and drummer Glenn Evans (ex-T.T. QUICK) to round out this up n’ coming band from New Jersey. Move over ANTHRAX, these guys are coming out of the East Coast metal underground scene with full force.

Read on, as I get a snapshot of all things Nuclear in this interview from Dan Lilker and Glenn Evans.

Danny Lilker - 1986To start of with, how did you guys meet [originally] and when did you form the band?

Dan Lilker: I formed the band with John in early 84’. We got Anthony and Glenn through friends plus old members.


Who came up with the band name and is there any special meaning behind it?

DL: I did. It’s supposed to be REAL, not satanic or nothing.


How old are the members of the band please?

DL: I’m 23 years old. Anthony is 24, John’s 25 and Glenn is 29.


What was the hardest part in getting the band together? And the record deal with Combat?

DL: Keeping the faith when we were broke and depressed! We had a lot of labels interested and they had the best offer.


Were you an original band from day one?

DL: Do you mean the same members, if so no. Or do you mean did we ever do covers, no.


Have you had any difficulties keeping a steady line up? That seems to plague many younger bands, or bands in general even!

DL: In the old days, but now it’s been solid for two years.

 NA - pic promo

Your latest release is a six song EP entitled The Plague, are you happy with the final result and how well is it doing ?

Glenn Evans: Yes, very happy! We’ve received great response worldwide.

DL: It’s been doing well but we don’t have any exact sales figures.


Who produced that EP and how long did it take you guys to complete?

GE: It was produced by Randy Burns. It took about a week to record and mix.


Nuclear_Assault_-_The_PlagueThe Plague EP has a song called Buttf**k [which kills], have you received any complaints or any hassles with all these censorship people?

GE: Not from censorship people just from major record store chains they refuse to carry it!


Your music is mixing metal with hardcore, which are you influenced by the most and who are some of your influences?

GE: I’m mostly influenced by metal. I like hardcore music also too though. Influences: Black Oak Arkansas (w/Tommy Aldridge on drums), Kiss, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith (Sweet) etc.

DL: I’m influenced by thrash, hardcore, old hard rock (Scorpions) etc.


What’s the newer thrash | crossover scene like in your area?

DL: It’s really happening; lots of cool bands in the crossover vein.


Pic  Howie Abrams

Pic Howie Abrams

Nuclear Assault and the Cro-Mags at L’amour, Brooklyn NYC, 1986


You were one of the first bands to play this style right? And do you consider yourselves an originator for this style?

DL: People call us ‘originators’, we’re not gonna’ say that ourselves though.


I’ll bet you have a pretty loyal following at home?

DL: F**k yeah dude!

Pic Frank White

Pic Frank White


You have a new LP coming out soon right? Can you tell us more about it and when will it be released?

GE: It will be recorded in January at Music Grinder studios in Los Angeles, California. It should be out by spring of 88’.


What are some of the song titles?


  • Great Depression
  • Survive
  • Brainwashed


Are you going to stick to the basic formula or sound for the new LP?

GE: Yes

DL: What do you mean ‘formula’?!


Will the new album be on Combat Records again (stateside) and Under One Flag Records (overseas)?

GE: Yes, to both!


How are the labels treating the band these days?

GE: Combat is cooperating with us as well as MFN [Music for Nations].


Have you had any other label offers or are you under contract with Combat?

GE: Yes, we’ve had many offers, and yes, we are still under contract with Combat…that’s the problem we’re working it out.




Does the band have any touring plans yet, what about overseas/Europe?

GE: We plan on heading back to Europe in the spring. We play as much as possible, whenever possible.


Who are some of the bands that you like to perform with?NA flyer


  • Voivod
  • Ludichrist
  • At War


In your opinion, what is NA like live if you were to describe it?

DL: From videos I’ve seen, it’s like fun…just good sweaty time, no egos.


What is the wildest and or best gig that you’ve done to date?

DL: That would be impossible to answer. Not to sound conceited but all of our shows are wild!


Are the crowds different here in the states vs. overseas and where would you say you are most popular at?

DL: Not really. Same shit: banging, moshing (or trying to anyway) and [stage] diving! I guess we are most popular at home in New York, but it’s hard to say.


Hammersmith Odeon Flyer

Killer lineup!



Do you like being on the road touring and playing out all the time?

DL: Yes, it’s great going far from home plus meeting people…it’s a total blast.


What was your first gig like?

DL: It was a Wednesday in New Jersey, with like thirty people there [laughs].


Do you still get stage fright sometimes?

DL: No – I’m too psyched!


The Plague EP (back)How crucial has touring been for the band to get out there…to be noticed worldwide?

DL: Absolutely crucial. We’re a “live” band by all means that’s our element.


I haven’t seen you live yet, I assume you get a lot of slamming and stage diving at your shows, are you against it or do you mind?

DL: We get a lot of it. It’s cool as long as people don’t get hurt or f**k up our equipment!


Where do your lyrics come from and how is the songwriting split? Do you for research for lyrical content/inspiration?

DL: Not really, that would take out some of the emotion and spontaneity. The lyrics come from whatever concerns us or pisses us off. John and I split it [the songwriting] pretty evenly.


When did you start playing?

DL: Who me? Um, when I was fourteen years old. The band’s first gig was in November 1984.


What did you learn from releasing your debut LP Game Over and looking back, are you happy with it?Game Over

DL: To get a better guitar sound. That’s the only thing that’s bad about it.


So where does NA go from here and what do you have in store for your fans (if anything)…any surprises?

DL: Who the f**k knows…hopefully up! Re: surprises, I don’t know, and if we did have a surprise we’re obviously not gonna’ say what it is, that would kinda’ defeat the purpose.




Are there any plans to make a promo video for a song?

DL: no


What’s your definition of ‘good’ music?

DL: That’s too vague; I guess something that makes you want to hear it again. I mean, I don’t like the Scorpions for the same reasons I like Napalm Death.


Is there anything else you would like to add? See you soon at Bogart’s in Cincinnati. Thank you for your time and for hand-writing the interview answers!

DL: See you on tour! And be happy you don’t have to do long interviews [laughs].




Dan Lilker

Top 5 songs:

1.)   Do Unto Others – Cro-Mags

2.)   Phoenix – The Cult

3.)   Polluted Minds – Napalm Death

4.)   Drugs Saved My Life – Capitalist Alienation

5.)   F**k Off and Die – Voivod






IRS | Combat Promo 88'

Demolish Vault: IRS | Combat Promo 88′


1988 IRS

  1. Rise from the Ashes
  2. Brainwashed
  3. F#
  4. Survive
  5. Fight to be Free
  6. Got Another Quarter
  7. Great Depression
  8. Wired
  9. Equal Rights
  10. P.S.A.
  11. Technology
  12. Good Times, Bad Times
  • John Connelly
  • Anthony Bramante
  • Danny Lilker
  • Glenn Evans


Live At Hammersmith Odeon

  1. New Song
  2. Critical Mass
  3. Game Over
  4. Nightmares
  5. Butt F**k
  6. Survive
  7. Torture Tactics
  8. Trail of Tears
  9. Mother’s Day
  10. My America
  11. Hang the Pope…
  12. Lesbians
  13. Funky Noise
  14. Good Times, Bad Times
  • John Connelly
  • Anthony Bramante
  • Danny Lilker
  • Glenn Evans

Out Of Order
1991 IRS

  1. Sign in Blood
  2. Fashion Junkie
  3. Too Young to Die
  4. Preaching to the Deaf
  5. Resurrection
  6. Stop Wait Think
  7. Doctor Butcher
  8. Quocustodiat
  9. Hypocrisy
  10. Save the Planet
  11. Ballroom Blitz
  • John Connelly
  • Anthony Bramante
  • Danny Lilker
  • Glenn Evans

Live At The Hammersmith Odeon

  1. Intro / New Song
  2. Critical Mass
  3. Game Over
  4. Nightmares
  5. Butt Fuck
  6. Survive
  7. Torture Tactics
  8. Trail of Tears
  9. Mother’s Day
  10. My America
  11. Hang the Pope
  12. Lesbians
  13. Funky Noise
  14. Good Times, Bad Times

Something Wicked
1993 IRS

  1. Another Violent End
  2. Art
  3. Behind Glass Walls
  4. Chaos
  5. Madness Descends
  6. No Time
  7. Poetic Justice
  8. Something Wicked
  9. The Forge
  10. To Serve Man
  • John Connelly
  • Dave DiPietro
  • Scott Metaxas
  • Glenn Evans

Assault And Battery  COMPILATION
1997 IRS

Alive Again
2003 Screaming Ferret

  1. Rise from the Ashes
  2. Brainwashed
  3. F#
  4. New Song
  5. Critical Mass
  6. Sin Betrayal
  7. Radiation Sickness
  8. Game Over
  9. Butt F**k
  10. Trail of Tears
  11. Hang The Pope
  • John Connelly
  • Anthony Bramante
  • Danny Lilker
  • Glenn Evans

Third World Genocide
2005 Screaming Ferret

  1. Third World Genocide
  2. Price of Freedom
  3. Human Wreckage
  4. Living Hell
  5. Whine and Cheese
  6. Defiled Innocence
  7. Exoskeletal
  8. Discharged Reason
  9. Fractured Minds
  10. The Hockey Song
  11. Eroded Liberty
  12. Long Haired Asshole
  13. Glenn’s Song
  • John Connelly
  • Erik Burke
  • Danny Lilker
  • Glenn Evans

Atomic Waste: Demos & Rehearsals  COMPILATION
2012 High Roller

  1. Live, Suffer, Die
  2. Betrayal
  3. Hang The Pope
  4. Radiation Sickness
  5. Demolition
  6. Lesbians
  7. Stranded In Hell
  8. Nightmares
  9. Cold Steel
  10. The Plague
  11. Cross Of Iron
  12. Vengeance
  13. Hang The Pope




Nuclear News '87

Demolish Vault:


Game Over

Nuclear Assault Online

 *From original Nuclear Newsletter 87′

**Discography BNR Metal pages.


ANACRUSIS – Suffering Hour

by Kinger

Band promo 1987

Band promo 1987

When ANACRUSIS sent us their Annihilation Complete demo last year, I knew good things were just around the corner. But, before I had the chance to praise their stunning songs in the glorious pages of Demolish ‘zine, I was sent yet another tape in the mail – only this time, it was actually a pre-release of their début album entitled Suffering Hour.

AXIS Records was the smart label that spotted their [undeniable] potential and did a great job by picking these guys. The demo was good, but I have to say that they sprung onto vinyl with new life and surprised me one more time!

This quartet from the Midwest (St. Louis) have a quite versatile + unique metal sound that shines on tracks such as: Imprisoned, Twisted Cross and a slightly more melodic approach on Fighting Evil and A World to Gain. The thrashin’ tracks like R.O.T., Frigid Bitch and Annihilation Complete/Disemboweled however, kinda’ cut their sound in the originality department a bit (with detectable sounds of Metallica, Slayer and Metal Church creeping in). I can tell they are hinting at something great overall, but due to a limited budget and time in the studio some of the tracks are not as realized as they could be.

Don’t get me wrong, they fuel-the-fire with plenty of their ‘own wood’ so-to-speak, on Butchers Block – which is my favorite track of the bunch because of it’s marching, rhythmic/anthem-like grinding! One might even hear a dash of TROUBLE in the midst of all the heavy riffing.

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