Although originating from the U.S. (Midwest), Demolish Metal Fanzine always takes pride in being an international fanzine as opposed to only covering a “local scene” and or just a single genre or style. Some of the first material I received for review was a great band from Sweden called OVERHEAT. One of my Metal friends’ always raves about these guys and upon hearing their latest demos I can certainly see why! One of their founding members (Janne) is a fellow “pen pal” of mine and we trade lots of rare tapes and such, so when it came time to figure out who to compile my first blog post on, it was a no-brainer.


The Band:

Gernot Iverson : Lead Vocals

Janne Stark: Lead Guitar

Pelle Thuresson: Bass

Paul Gustavsson: Drums

The Story (from their bio):

Janne and Pelle have played together in different bands since their childhood. Their most well-known band being OVERDRIVE, with whom they recorded one 12″ EP and two albums before splitting up in June 1985. Janne and Pelle (who was then lead singer but after their split-up, switched  over to playing bass) decided to carry on and form a new band.

In December 1985 they were accompanied by drummer Paul Gustav’s son who had just left the band HIGH VOLTAGE. His “claim-to-fame” is two recordings with heavy rockers MERCY with one 12″ EP and LP.

The band now had a complete rhythm section and also a new name: OVERHEAT.

They started rehearsing and writing material and in November 1986 (when the band was completed with a singer) they had already written almost 30 songs! The singer’s name is: Gernot Iverson and he is (like Paul) an ex-HIGH VOLTAGE member as well.

OVERHEAT 86′ (pic Ben G.T. Nyberg©)

Now with a complete line up they recorded their first demo Vol. 1 (in May-June 1987), which was produced, arranged, mixed, engineered, recorded and performed by the band. This demo has the songs: “Fight to the Finish”, “Realm of Freedom”, “L.J.M.S.”, “I Do Believe” and “High On You”.

Listen to “Fight to the Finish”

It was recorded in a barn with a fourtrack Tascam porta studio. The songs are mostly written by Janne Stark and arranged by the band.

1987 Demo

This limited tape was not sent out to very many Metal Fanzines (if any).

Listen to “Realm of Freedom”

Their musical style could be described as “heavy, yet melodic/70’s-influenced hard rock”.

*special thanks to Mr. Joe St. Laurent (Joe’s Imports, WA.) for the original hook-up.


Prior to OVERHEAT, Janne was also a member of the excellent band called OVERDRIVE. So, this article would not be complete without letting you know about these Swedish rockers as well!


*click to enlarge

*This rare scan (above) was from their press kit, which appeared in many Metal Fanzines worldwide.


let’s take a trip down “memory-lane”!

1st photo shoot 80′ (pic by Ben G.T Nyberg©)

OVERDRIVE 84′ (pic Ben G.T. Nyberg©)

1985 New line-up (pic Ben G.T. Nyberg© )


Here is a Current article



Get “Let the Metal Do the Talking” CD here.


JANNE STARK – lead/rhythm guitar
KJELL JACOBSSON – lead/rhythm guitar

*Both of these great albums have been re-issued with lots of bonus tracks!


*logo by Curt Reinitz
*in order to transport you directly back to 80’s we will continue to keep the language in the posts “present tense” even though this is 2009.
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5 thoughts on “Sweden’s OVERHEAT vs OVERDRIVE 1987

  1. Damn, the latest OVERDRIVE jams! Check out the you tube video links.

    Little did I know they even had a recent album until I did the update for the post.

    Really good Swedish Metal. Good job Janne!

    Rock On!

    Curt King
    (who has blond hair + blue eyes)
    Demolish HQ

  2. Yes, Overdrive kicks some serious Power Metal butt here. I have to say… Per Karlsson is one cool lead vocalist. His vocals are Old School, no disputing that. Janne Stark on lead guitar is NO slouch either. This post – video is now going to have me searching out and buying this album this coming week. Oh Metal darn.

    Long Live Overdrive!

  3. ha! I hope you get it …let me know how the entire release is when you have a chance to digest it.

    Long live our “Metal” friendship. I am glad we meet and I ran across your blog.
    I think you and I (and Sean) should take over THAT METAL SHOW…for real.

    Rock on!

    Curt King
    Demolish Bat Cave

  4. Hi!

    THANKS for keeping the word alive. Curt, I remember you from the tape-trading days… I still trade (CD-R) 😉
    It’s great to see these thing pop up when you least expect it!

    We (Overdrive) are currently working on a new album to be released before the summer (2010).


  5. Hello Janne!!

    nice to see you have found us, sorry it took over 20 years to post man! yes, we used to trade a lot of Metal, I still have all of your letters. I just found the file with them.

    Wow – can u believe it’s been over 2 decades? Where the hell did the time go?

    Can’t wait to hear more new material.
    Hope you like Demolish and all of the 80’s features and bands. I have a crap load to post yet, stay tuned.

    Cheers mate,

    Curt King

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