DEMOLISH Launches Contents of Issue #1 (1988)

Dear Metalheads,

We receive many emails every day from all over the world and really appreciate your feedback! We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our presence as an online “magazine.” In an effort to inform our die-hard fans, blog subscribers and casual onlookers of what lies ahead, I am posting this basic outline of what our original début [printed] issue looked like.

The outline below includes some of the main features and articles that we’ve managed to transcribe and post from our vaults. I want to thank everyone who has expressed renewed interest in all things 80’s Metal as the response has been quite overwhelming! We are glad to be able to offer these rare, unpublished interviews, reviews etc. for all the worldwide metal fans.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see anything in particular from this wonderful past era and or if you would like to contribute any stories, photos, reviews or memorabilia that is of historic value. Please notice we are also making current posts via the Demolish A.D. category [check right tab at the top] and we are thinking about resurrecting this fanzine in the near future. If this is something that interests you then please sound off and let us know. There’s plenty of new Metal to feature and the scene is very healthy at the moment.

I have received lots of emails of encouragement for all the unreleased 80’s material, which appears to be a niche that we seem to to fill very well. There are a lot of new blogs that like to write about what it was like back then, but they were not around (many not even born yet)…So – we will gladly continue with the rare stuff as we lived and breathed all things Hard Rock/Metal from the front lines!

  • My original goal is still in place and that is to keep posting all of my collection until my resources are exhausted and from the looks of things, it’s going to be a long, interesting ride. Buckle up!


*click any band logo below (to go directly to our featured interview when they are transcribed and uploaded).



Issue #1


KING DIAMOND“King to King” by Curt King

*was on the (color cover) and the main interview and article. one of the best interviews you will ever read – PERIOD!


LETHAL“The Arrival of LETHAL” by Scott F.

*Killer local Midwest Melodic Metal Band. Is the Midwest the original breeding ground for all things Metal?


INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND“I.N.C. Thrash-Forward with The Visitor” by Curt King

*Great East Coast Thrash Metal. Bring it on!


BRITNY FOX“Jersey Rockers Unleashed” by Curt King

*Just what the name says (yes we cover all styles of metal/rock etc.) and besides hot chick dig it!


FLOTSAM & JETSAM“Accelerating Upward” by Curt King

*Power/Thrash Metal at it’s finest from these Arizona natives. What else can we say?


THE CRUMBSUCKERS“CK Goes into Detail With Chris Notaro from the almighty “suckers”

*Top-Notch Metal/Hardcore crossover band from the East Coast area. Very under rated band IMO!


ROXX GANG“Poised for Success” by Curt King

*Hard Rock/Glam Metal from the sunny state of Florida. Oh well, so they didn’t officially “make it big”!


SANCTUARY“It’s Not Heaven Nor Hell, It’s… SANCTUARY” by Curt King

*Terrific Melodic power metal from the Pacific Northwest Region. Produced by Dave Mustaine. Excellent!


RAGE“Curt King chats with Peter Wagner, Chris Efthimiadis and Manny Schmidt about the new, slimmed RAGE”

*Classic German Power Metal meisters. Hard core Metallers never die!


AT WAR “Prepare for AT WAR’s Retaliatory Strike” by Curt King

*Underground Speed/Thrash Metal from Virginia. Who says the U.S. cannot produce Thrash/Power Metal?


WRATHCHILD (AMERICA)“The Wait Is Over” by Curt King

*American power metal/hard rock masters! Not the UK “glamsters.” F***** damn shame they broke up! Under rated.


QUEENSRYCHEGeoff Tate discuss Operation Mindcrime (this was a worldwide exclusive interview)


HEATHENOn tour and Breaking the Silence

VENOM – Life Without Mantas


SACRED REICH – Is Nothing Sacred?



OTHER Completed Interviews (which still need to be transcribed from cassette):





  • + many, many more.


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10 thoughts on “DEMOLISH Launches Contents of Issue #1 (1988)

  1. Lethal’s Programmed album is great. I saw Sanctuary on their debut tour. Awesome.

    Be sure to check out AT WAR’s latest CD, INFIDEL. It sounds like they never took a 20 year break.

  2. LETHAL still jam can u believe that? their have a myspace page and they actually have played overseas in 09/08 I think.

    Their “The Arrival” demo was top-notch and was one of the best we ever got here at the Demolish HQ.

    SANCTUARY are/were dope as well! I was so lucky to get that hook-up from Lenny R. I was able to get their pre-release of the FULL debut LP way before it came out.
    As a matter of fact I went to see MEGADETH and DIO in Nashville, TN and I was wearing that SANCTUARY t-shirt and Mr. Mustaine was sneering at me (as usual back then) about how/why did I have that.

    *Check the photos section! 😉

    I will have to post the pic I took with him as well. When I run across it I will. Too funny…

    Yeah I saw that AT WAR was alive in 2009 – cool. Will have to check it out and I will certainly contact them to get the latest scoop. They were one of the great bands from the underground NEW Renaissance Records.

    Demolish Editor

  3. thanks Matt!

    I was able to attract those type of interviews by being as professional as I could (well for a 20 something).

    We tried to be a REAL magazine like Metal Forces, Kerrang, Metal Hammer or maybe RIP here in the states VS a shoddy fanzine that was xeroxed at the local 7-11.

    Not to knock those zine’ because they certainly did their part in underground promo and spreading the word via massive tape trading and networking from all over the globe!

    I miss those days. I know those lifelong Metalheadz are STILL out there, I just hope I can recapture the original attitude, spirit and glory of that era’.

    As far as Yog S. all I know is that they were from Quebec, Cananda and I received a demo from 1987 that was some brutal/speed metal. I will dig it out one day and post a review.

    Yeah they did have a weird looking logo. Trivia: kiddos, this was PRIOR to all of those black metal bands from over seas and the race to make the oddest and or least-readable LOGO ever. 😉

    Rock on!


  4. KING DIAMOND. Imagine the Metal world without him… I shudder to think. In a way, I am pleased he was nominated for a Grammy for his last album – then I was relieved he did not win one… the damn Grammy’s are overrated anyways.

    It just feels weird that Motorhead and Slayer have won Grammys… bragging rights, sure, still there is something about the “Grammy Crowd” that gets under my skin.

  5. NO way the KING rules. Even when he was in MERCYFUL FATE. All those bands like Metallica, Raven etc. were just copying their stuff when they were the MASTERS at it already! many years before…
    WOW he was nominated for a Grammy?

    seems odd but who knows these days, maybe they have some new blood and or some sons or daughters replacing the old fuddy-duddies from the past. You know the ones who voted for Jethro Tull ( VS.) Metallica in 88′ for best “Hard Rock/Metal” band! 😉

    The interview is great and he got a kick out the fact that I was named KING as well. Was one of the last interviews that he speaks about the whole Satanic biz and such. Priceless!

    I also have some killer photos to post too. That color cover for him is probably what sparked the whole fire that spread rapidly and killed the whole DEMOLISH Issue #1 budget!

    Thanks for the post…check out that rare KING DIAMOND video in my Vod Pod player (scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog) to see it.

    Curtis Matthew King

  6. If I was to sit down with King Diamond or any living Metal legend for that matter for an interview… whoa. I guess I would have to turn it up a notch and throw my “fan boy face” out the window. Very cool that you have this journalistic Metal past!

  7. yeah, well it’s hard when you are a fan too, but you have to be professional and you know what, when it comes right down to it -these guys are just regular people just like you and me.

    King was very cool. He seemed like a hip Metal uncle that I never had! ha ha…

    Yes, I am lucky to have interviewed so many cool bands that I like and got to see so many great shows back when….

    Don’t break the oath…..


    King Curt
    Demolish Editor
    Life-long Metal fan

  8. Flotsam And Jetsam is one underrated Thrash band that really had a major part in strengthening the Thrash genre to where it is today. (Phew), I got that off my chest. Great band, both past and present. This band is so much more than just “Jason Newsted played for them”… you know how to choose your Metal, Curt.

  9. I totally agree. Jason was just 1/5th of that band and as you can see they survived his departure just fine.

    I think Elektra Records didn’t do much to promote them as they were busy with Metallica. I think (along with Metal Church) that they were the “next Metallica” or at least baby versions of that popular style at the time.

    I admire them for hanging in there for the long haul.

    *Go to their official website as they have a pre-master of “No Place For Disgrace” from the original analog tape for DL(which is my fav. LP BTW)…along with some other goodies).

    I remember hearing “doomsday” demos and being blown away way back when.

    Lastly, you gotta’ check out the video for them in my vod pod player. Look at the very end of my blog pages. That is some very RARE footage!

    Thanks for the compliment.


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