Bizarre Guitar (1988)

This is a special section devoted to guitarists out there in Metal land that will feature tips, instructional exercises, lessons etc. Written by LADY SABRE guitarist Chris Warren. Each issue will feature a  different lesson from Chris.

Any/all readers should feel to write or call for more help or info about these lessons.

*Check out our special extended feature on Chris and the great LADY SABRE band from Florida in Issue #1.

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5 thoughts on “Bizarre Guitar (1988)

  1. That’s a cool idea! I don’t recall seeing anything like this in any other fanzines from that era.

    What ever happened to LADY SABRE?

    *seems like that dude knows his stuff.

    Love the DEMOLISH blog….keep up the great work guy.


  2. After their first demo “album”, Lady Sabre managed to put out a full-length release in 1989 called “Enchanted”. That’s about all I know as they fell off my radar after that.

    Until my full-on interview gets posted:

    *you have to sit through a long intro before the site loads properly!

    Thanks for the compliment(s)!
    Enjoy the blog,

    Curtis King

  3. Do you happen to have a copy of the “Strange Spell” demo? It’s one of my “holy grail” quests.

  4. Benn,

    thanks for writing.

    Yes, of course, I have an original copy of “Strange Spell” on cassette.
    It’s deep in the Demolish Vaults though.
    I would say, just subscribe to the blog and it will send out updates to you when I post.

    I def. plan on posting a special feature on them as I just found the completed interview with them!

    I am in the process of setting up a tape transfer station to get all of these RARE demos into the computer for editing and or future MP3 downloading features on DEMOLISH.

    Stay tuned, and stay heavy!



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