Special 80’s Metal Fanzine Gallery

In addition to tons of great bands and albums coming out in the 80’s, there were also a lot of various magazines and smaller “fanzines” that were dedicated to all things Metal. This was not just an American trend either as Heavy Metal Music (and it’s dozens of sub-genres) was truly a world-wide phenomenon.

Dutch Metal Mag.

As a matter of fact, a lot of the bands that were able to come out of the “underground” and move on to bigger and better things cite the smaller fanzines and worldwide metal network as a key ingredient to their initial success. This was a hands-on, grass-roots type of community too. Everybody pitched in and shared their contacts, traded ads (for their up coming issue of their respected ‘zine) and also gladly distributed band and concert flyers. I think I will also start a band/show flyer gallery. I have hundreds of these myself. I think it’s interesting to see which band played where and with whom at the time! And all the flyer artwork was cool too come to think of it!

UK Metal Mag.

This close-knit network was very loyal to their favorite bands too. As a matter of fact, I still listen and support these bands (and this heavy form of music more than 20 years later) and I have run into hundreds of other die-hard “metalheads” from the 80’s scene that still listen to and buy new material as well. And best of all is the fact that in the last few years there seems to have been a huge metal resurgence and a lot of the originators returned to tour and or release new material. And of course there are many bands such as EXODUS, KING DIAMOND, OVERKILL, TESTAMENT, SLAYER, MEGADETH and lots of others that never even quit in the first place! Man, you have to respect that too. Obviously sometimes there were various band member changes, record label changes and or some time in-between releases.

I think we might have all of Europe to thank for that in recent times as their great fans are rabid Metalheads and have supported these bands through thick and thin and because of this, were able to get them to re-form, rehearse a bit and bring it back to the stage. And thank god we had lots of killer magazines and fanzines that were regularly covering and documenting this great music.

So without further ado, please enjoy a few scans of some of the great Metal Fanzines & magazines from all over the world. There are many more available and we will be adding more in the future. Please feel free to send any Metal Fanzine scans if you have any that should be included. I am only looking for issues from around 1982 – 1990.

If you published a fanzine within these years and would like to be included, then please get in touch by all means. If you are still “alive and kicking” in 2010 then I may be interested in doing an interview with you!

I am also updating the “special thanks” fanzine list in the Contributors section of DEMOLISH MAG.

*This was by no means a complete list nor is it in any particular order.

*Special thanks to My Gallery of Rock & Metalblog.

*And to Motley Crue Loyalty from Denmark (all Crue covers), Pat Prince (Powerline), Bill Hale (Metal Rendezvous International), Dan @ The Corroseum & to Chris over at Metal Core (one of the longest running zine’s in the world!).

*If you liked this slice of Metal History, there is plenty more to come. To stay updated on our vintage material posts, you can subscribe via our handy RSS feeds and or the “simple-simon gimme yer’ damn email” option, which is located below.


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11 thoughts on “Special 80’s Metal Fanzine Gallery

  1. killer article, i just purchased 2 issues of Metallion magazine.It was published out of canada in 1985. It brought back alot of memories.

  2. Really? That was cool that you were able to track those down.
    I read a few of those and the pictures and printing was very nice.

    I wish I had all of the Metal Forces magazines. They were not the “prettiest” around but I really go into
    their format and all of the Demo Tape reviews in the DEMOLITION section was in fact what initially sparked
    my inspiration for putting together Demolish in the 80’s.

    Glad you liked the article. Let me know if you have any others to scan than were not in the post.

    Curt King
    Demolish HQ

  3. Excellent write up here Curt. A Metal collectible in and of itself are these fanzines. You nailed it with the reference to the loyal and rabid Metal fans of Europe! Case in Metal point: Power Metal. No where else on Earth is Power Metal so huge as it is in Europe!

    Case in Metal Point 2: Manowar and Edguy… why America does not get it about these two amazing Power Metal Bands is beyond me. Europe gets it though. Seriously, when was the last major Power Metal festival held in America? Hello promoters… a “club” venue with a few Power Metal bands doesn’t count as a festival.

    There are loyal Metal fans for Manowar and Edguy in America, without doubt. Who knows, maybe there have been promoters out there that have tried to do a Power Metal festival here in the states… I’ll never know for sure.

    True Metal fans exist due to accepting Metal as a part of who they are… no matter what! I live by the credo – “Be True To Metal And Metal Will Be True To You”… King Diamond, DIO, Dave Mustaine, Exodus and Over Kill I revere for their Metal loyalty and “true” Metal spirit through the decades. (Certainly there are more to mention like them).

    The people out there that won’t acknowledge they once listened to Metal are NOT true Metalheads to begin with! Believe me… I know a few like that… they basically are saying they were “posers” back in the day, what else can be said? I’ll be a Metalhead even if I live to be a hundred. Yup.

    Metal blogs are the “new” Metal fanzines of the world.

    This post got me all fired up in a “positive” Metal way! Excellent post once again!

    In Metal – Stone

  4. there’s a record store here with some old kerrang, metallion and metal forces mags. i buy them and send them as gifts.

  5. many thanks for the compliments on the post!
    yeah I would like to go to some of those Euro shows.
    *I think shows like that are possible in the U.S. – it will just take time and several years to get it going perhaps. But I think the majority of U.S. “promoters” want to make a quick buck and not start anything that has the potential to turn into a tradition every year.

    “Posers Must STILL Die” – ha ha!

    **With all of these long-running print magazines going belly-up in 09/20010…

    Long live the NEW online Metal Fanzines for 2010!

    We Rock!

    Demolish HQ

  6. Thanks for the memories. I still have a stack of Metallion magazines in storage somewhere. They used to do great reviews. Same with Metal Forces. I have a stash of them somewhere too.

  7. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could help me I’m looking for the issue of Metallion Magazine with “miss Metallion” in the centerfold as I lost all my copies in a flood and would like to show my son what his crazy mom did in the 80’s if you could help me out that would be great.

  8. Hi Julie,

    Check your private email. We were able to locate the [Metallion Magazine] issue and sent your centerfold scan to you.
    Hope you enjoy and it brings back many ‘Metal’ memories.
    Miss Metallion



  9. It is great to keep in memory of the Metallion. I am inspired of music and it’s great to look at the old magazines.

  10. Hey, Kinger,

    I am looking for this issue of Metallion for my project of Kick Axe as well. Are you willing to help me out?


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