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by Kinger

Being a “Metal-Head” and growing up in the Midwest was interesting. Let me just focus the lens a bit, Midwest, meaning… Southern Indiana. And to most, that means kinda’ out in the middle-of-nowhere. Well, I have to admit that sometimes I felt the same way. I have lived in Chicago for over 15 years now and I am sure 99.9% of “Chicagoans” do not know that there are actually PEOPLE and TOWNS south of Indianapolis! And of course “Indy” (as it’s commonly referred to) probably only exists in their eyes because of the world-famous Indianapolis 500.

For starters, (way) more than half of the population listened to Country Music. Whether that be the “real” hardcore/old school twanger stuff like Hank Williams Sr. (not Hank Jr. or let alone Hank III), or more modern country (which is not really country to me per say, as it sounds more like commercial 80’s rock, except they throw on some cowboy hats and call it a day). There are also a few “bible-thumpers” in those parts (nothing against them), so naturally there are lots of gospel-flavored Country listeners and such as well. To get right down to it -all forms of Country & Western music are supported 24/7, 365 days a year.

Was there a “Metal scene” around there? Not really.

Yes of course there was (and still are) some great local bands but most of them settled on playing cover tunes and were satisfied to play all the many bars as opposed to working on their own original music. Since this post is about concert ads (or advertisements) I will not turn this into a Indiana 80’s Music Scene Report as I am sure one of those will be posted one day!


We did have a few rock radio stations that played Hard Rock, AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) and of course the staples of “Classic” Rock and Southern Rock (or “Southern Fried Rock” as I used to call it). Luckily I could tune into WYER FM 94.9 and as a result was fed a steady diet of Led Zeppelin, Styx, Head East, Foreigner, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Foghat, ZZ Top, Van Halen, BTO, E.L.O, Steve Miller Band, Boston, Allman Brothers and finally Lynyrd Skynyrd!

And hey, I liked those bands then and I STILL do. Listening to these bands (among 100’s of others) was a major factor in my developing an acquired taste for all things HEAVY!

The only stations that were playing anything remotely close to HEAVY METAL were the local college stations. I have already posted some stuff here from the “vaults” for nostalgia purposes. So needless to say, when a hard rock or Metal band did actually come to Evansville, Indiana it was usually a pretty big major act and or a regional up n’ coming band. You know like: AC/DC, KISS, VAN HALEN, JUDAS PRIEST etc.

Roberts Stadium (R.I.P.)

What was cool when the “big-boys” made their way to the Stadium, was that they usually picked somewhat decent opening acts and that’s where you started to hear more music “outside of the box” and a bit more aggressive.

I always liked when the Dinosaur Metal Bands (as one fellow youngster blogger recently called it) took a chance and picked the latest bad-boys on the scene and were astonished when said band(s) were proceeding to blow them off the stage!

For example: when VAN HALEN opened for an aging BLACK  SABBATH. No contest, at the time. When OZZY took out a super-young group called MOTLEY CRUE (that didn’t last long), and the madmen himself even took out freakin’ METALLICA (though they did not end up playing due to an interesting accident), who were MUCH heavier than the OZ. They too moved on to bigger and better things and turned into an arena-worthy headliner pretty fast.

In this section you will find a few old newspaper scans of some of the many great shows that I attended while growing up in Indiana. Consider this an online [digital] scrapbook if-you-will. I am still digging deep in the Demolish Vaults for many shows that I got to see. I know I have the ticket stubs from most of them somewhere!

Most of these shows were at Robert’s Stadium and some of the summer shows were held at Mesker Amphitheater.

*If anyone has any newspaper clips or pics from the 80’s then please send them on over to DEMOLISH HQ and we will update this post. We’re making every attempt to find live concert shots from the same tour year for the following shows. Also looking for ticket scans (contact me for missing shows please or to update/posted info)!

Rock On!

Live 1984 with The Red Rocker!

Both bands jammed!

*This is when Sammy Hagar rocked. Not that “5150” Van Halen crap.

The Red Rocker pic Richard Galbraith©

I remember Sammy having a platform nearly at the top of the stadium.

KROKUS were still in their prime as well!



pic R.Galbraith©

Weird choice of opening acts but I was there. I still have that jailbird shirt. haha

pic R.Galbraith©

Q.R. was the #1 band on the charts in 83′.  A “metal” band. 6× Platinum!

Midwest Favorites

*Look at that ticket price!

Styx pic R.Galbraith


More Midwestern Favorites 1983

*Still love R.E.O.‘s “Ridin’ the Storm Out”!

REO Speedwagon Live – pic©


Weird “Top 40” Rock bill…

“Speedwagon” rolls into town

Come on – it was the early 80’s. ZEBRA had some decent songs.


“Hairspray Heaven”

First RATT show (outdoors) with Y&T & Mama’s Boys.

*a local source claims Bon Jovi did not perform.*I guess he was starting to get too big to open up for the rodents any longer! I don’t remember.

Dave -Y&T Pic by Bartolomy


Still trying to confirm info/lineup for this one. It was a multi-band Labor Day jam if memory serves correct.



RATT must love Indiana!

*”Invasion of Your Privacy” Tour –I think!?

Rare Robbin Crosby pics

Another great “rodent” show.

Robbin Crosby [R.I.P.]

August 4, 1959 – June 6, 2002


Dancing Undercover 86-87′ Tour

Pic Curt King©

*RATT + newcomers POISON on the same bill.

Pic Curt King©

click for a larger view.

*These are crappy camera/audience shots, but nostalgic none-the-less. Maybe you will see the back of your head in one of these shots or finger-less black leather gloves!


1987 “Girls, Girls, Girls” Tour

Crue GTR pic


*WTF 3 songs only? Oh well!!

Sixx pic

*Whitesnake was the opening act. They might have been better than the Crue that night!

It was around this time that I “gave-up” on the Crue anyway.

Whitesnake pass!


Lots of hotties @ this one!

1985 Motley Crue “Theatre of Pain” Tour.

Tommy Lee drum solo 85′ killer pic by Richard Galbraith©

This tour was not as “evil” as the previous year, but good nonetheless.

Y&T was good too.

1985 Tour w/ Y&T

Nikki Sixx -Live 85′ pic R.Galbraith


*Rockin’ night for Sure

1984 Motley Crue Show w/ SAXON on their “Crusader” Tour.

Saxon was great too!

Vince in indigo live! pic R. Galbraith

*Love that pic Richard…thanks!

Biff from SAXON Pic by Bartolomy


1983 show “AOR-goodness”!

One of my first shows!

Yup, I used to like some of the early Loverboy “rockers”…don’t really remember Joan Jett.


Back again + rockin’ w/DOKKEN!

*Local sources tell me DOKKEN rocked the opening slot in 1987.


Louder than Hell!!!

1984 KISS “Animalize” Tour with new guitarist Mark St. John.

Pure class – both bands!

Queensryche supporting for “The Warning” Tour.

Geoff Tate Pic R. Galbraith©

C. DeGarmo Pic R. Galbraith©

*This is Queensryche in their prime!


Awesome show – one of my fav.’s

1984/85′ Iron Maiden“World Slavery Tour” with Accept and local band Why On Earth (6/8/85).

Steve Harris-Iron Maiden ©R.Galbraith

Amazing outdoor show!

One of the best Metal albums!

*Derek Riggs – artwork, design &  sleeve illustration

One of the best shows to ever come to Evansville (even though Accept‘s lead singer.

Udo took a dive on stage, but he recovered nicely)!


Pic by Bartolomy

Metal Heart Artwork

Why On Earth – Action LP cover

Pic Mike Johnson

Pic Mike Johnson


“We Rock” – 100% on point!

Great 1984 DIO “Last in Line” Tour show+ Dokken during their best “Tooth & nail” era’.

Dio Pic by Richard Galbraith©


1942 – 2010

Vivian & Vinny Rockin’ Live pic R.Galbraith©

The great Last In Line LP

*Illustration by Barry Jackson

Yes, this is Ronnie James DIO… rock legend and THE  “dungeons and dragons” master!

George Lynch Pic by Bartolomy


Angus killed + Fast Eddy Rocked!

1983 AC/DC “Flick of the Switch” Tour. Special guest was Fastway.

Flick of the Switch

This was a big show. Rumor has it that AC/DC “guns” tore up the stadium ceiling!

Some of us made custom silk-screened T-shirts/sweatshirts in high school. I still have it.

Jamming “Say What You Will” perhaps! pic©

Fast Eddy Clarke [ex-Motörhead ] was great as well!

Nice candid Dave King shot by R.Galbraith

Sorry, Dave “King” is no relation.

He sings for Flogging Molly in recent times.


Classic 1984 concert!

*Sadly, this marked the “beginning of the end” for this great VAN HALEN lineup!

The “exterminator”character 1984

The VELCROS (a lame “rockabilly” band) was the opening act.


Yes, the infamous 1986 local (no) show!

*OZZY OSBOURNE + Metallica (who were supposed to be the opening act) but they canceled after James had a skateboard accident earlier that day!


Killer Jake E. Lee Live 86′ pic R. Galbraith

I guess OZZY and band tried to make the best of the situation. Pretty decent (albeit short) performance.

Jake E. Lee was killer as usual though!


1986 “Asylum” Tour

*Another KISS show! This time around they had new guitarist Bruce Kulick.

Gene Simmons 86′ pic R.Galbraith©

Openers were KING KOBRA with drum legend Carmine Appice!


Awesome 1986 Show!

Crazy Man Dave is Back!

DAVID LEE ROTH“Eat em’ & Smile” Tour 1986. Opening act was CINDERELLA.

Cinderella band pic© Curt King

Cinderella’s Tom K. live pic© Curt King

Billy Sheehan & Steve Vai! Pic© Curt King

Crowd shot taken dead center @ Robert’s Stadium.

We’re you there?!

*click on the above pic’s to enlarge

David Lee Roth Pic© Curt King/Demolish

*Killer band:

David Lee Roth (vox/jokes)

Steve Vai (Guitar), Bill Sheehan (Bass) & Greg Bissonette (Drums)


Judas Priest (Turbo Lover) at Roberts Stadium Fuel For Life Tour 1986

The Metal God – Pic by Bartolomy

“Electronica’ PRIEST” era’

*Than goodness this was a short-lived direction for the band!


1987 “Hysteria” World Tour

*DEF LEPPARD in “the round” in E’ville…

Dream on!

Not as good as their prev. two LP’s but they still put on a good live show!

Steve & Phil Pic by Bartolomy

TESLA was the opening act.

Don’t ask!



87′ “Crazy Nights” Tour w/ Ted Nugent

*Another year, another KISS tour. Can you tell I was a big KISS fan?!

The Motor-City Madman himself opened the show.

Bassist for Nugent

I never managed to get any guitar pic’s or drum sticks – thanks Troy!


No more double bills like this anymore!

Ted Nugent blew Aerosmith away on this summer night on June 1st, 1986.

It appeared that Mr. Tyler was a bit too intoxicated to sing…sad but TRUE!


Triumph Live October 18!

Triumph “Thunder Seven” 1984 Tour!

A young Yngwie Malmsteen opened.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Pic© Curt King

Crowd expectations were high, but Rick Emmett pretty much erased Yngwie‘s name from our memory and fast!


Amazing power trio!

Triumph with Golden Earring at Roberts Stadium 3/13.

1983 “Never Surrender” Tour


Finally got to see these legends!

*Early VAN HALEN (esp. their début LP) were some of my records.

This was the  “5150” Tour with none other than B.T.O. opening. 4/19/86′


The “King’s” of Midwest Rock!

1988 with CHEAP TRICK and JOAN JETT back again to open.


Armored Saint + Alice Cooper!!

Alice Cooper and Armored Saint in 1988.

Not a big turn out but it was a great show.

Joey Pic© Curt King

I got to interview John Bush (of Armored Saint) at this show.

One day I will actually transcribe from cassette and post.

John Bush -Pic© Curt King

Alice Cooper put on his usual amazing theatrical stage performance.

Alice Live! Pic by Curt King©Demolish

*This is a great shot (one of my best) and looks fab. blown up to 8X10 and framed.

Contact me if you’d like to purchase a framed copy.

I always liked this album cover

Kane Roberts Live! Pic by Curt King©Demolish


Metallica 1989 w/ The Cult opening

Yes, Metallica did in fact make it back to Evansville (after canceling in 1986)! This show was moved to Robert’s Stadium because of rain.

THE CULT put on a decent show.

New lineup for And Justice…pic© Ross Halfin


1990 Razors Edge World Tour

AC/DC have their own R N’R currency!

*As found on the floors from Indiana concerts, to huge German Festivals & ultimately the grounds at the massive Moscow Music & “Peace” Festival (Monsters of Rock Tour).

Opening act was LOVE/HATE


Not “local” but historic nonetheless

*Metal Hammer Festival in 1990. Cool ticket stub!


Angus and Hetfield takin’ it to Germany!

*What an interesting lineup…@ this Monster of Rock show in Sept. 7, 1991.


Great 1991 “Empire” Tour Concert

Mr.  Tate and the QUEENSRYCHE boys ALWAYS put on a classy show!

Queensrÿche backstage (w/Alex Gernandt) Munich/Germany (1993)


93′ “Countdown to Extinction” Tour

Yes, finally more HEAVY bands back @ the Stadium! WHITE ZOMBIE + PANTERA

Rare Guitar Pic

Mustaine GTR pic

MEGADETH “killed” Metallica’s show!


1995 “Promised Land” Tour show


An the best for last = most coveted:

From their brief Alive II Tour

Concert Ticket stub collage by Curt King

*Ah, the memories. I wouldn’t trade those for anything!

*Special thanks to Pat M., Troy P., Sherri R., Keith Brame, Mark Peerman and Jeff V. for some of those scans (until I unearth my full collection).

**Also very special thanks to the great rock photographer Richard Galbraith. Check out some of his lifelong work here on Myspace.  Mega-thanks to Bart Kamp @ Bartolomy for his excellent shots!

And to the main local promoter Larry Aiken for Aiken Management who was ultimately responsible for bringing most of the acts to town (along w/Sunshine Promotions & local radio stations).

“Aiken was formed in 1963 with his brother  Kevin and reportedly produced 1,700 shows over the last 38 years, including events with Frank Sinatra, the Harlem Globetrotters, Larry Bird, Elton John, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Barry Manilow. It’s also worth noting that “The company, which Aiken sold in 1999, ultimately became the second-largest presenter of touring Broadway shows in the United States. Aiken still serves as a consultant to the buyer, Jam Theatricals of Chicago.” Excerpt from the Evansville Courier & Press.

**Unfortunately with this update I have to be the bearer of bad news, Larry just passed away this Feb. R.I.P. 1940-2010




Going METAL?

Robert’s Stadium is quite popular in more recent times when TAYLOR SWIFT decided to kick-off her Fearless Tour there last April in 09′.  Hey at least she [reportedly] played 5 different guitars!

And the “Music As A Weapon” tour came to town to assault all the neighbors!

“Guitarist Chris Garza of the band Suicide Silence performs on the auxiliary stage outside Roberts Stadium in Evansville as part of the band Disturbed‘s “Music As a Weapon IV” tour on Wednesday. The bands Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil and Chimaira appeared onstage, as well. Numerous other bands performed on the auxiliary stage in the parking lot, which also featured a tattoo convention.”

**excerpt + pic JASON CLARK/Courier & Press.

Pic D.Harris

Pic D.Harris

2013 – Robert’s Stadium was “demolished” and is no more!

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16 thoughts on “DEMOLISH MAG. Posts Vintage Concert Ads!

  1. Nothing compares to when I was a kid and Kiss or one of these big bands was coming to town (I mean the pre-Metallica days even). These concerts felt like larger than life events, almost like mythical experiences. Pretty cool

    Nice article! Very down to earth and descriptive in a way that brings the reader right back to that era. It did for me!

  2. thanks for the kind compliments. I am glad that I was able to “take you back” to that special time in Metal land.

    Yeah I used to get all excited as well when one of my favorite bands was coming to town. The suspense and or wait was almost unbearable sometimes.

    *KISS was one of the loudest shows I have ever heard and let it be known that I have seen Motorhead, Slayer, The Melvins & Dinosaur Jr. etc.

    *If you or any of your buds have any ticket stubs and or 80’s memorabilia then please get in touch with us over at Demolish HQ!

    Metal Rules.

    Curt King
    Editor in Chief

  3. Nice post guys.

    *Too bad Roberts Stadium books primarily country shows these days.
    There are lots of rock and metal fans around here still.

    At least TESLA came to the Center recently.

    Love the local stuff and the Kramer’s Lake links. That was was a blast from the past.

    Glen E.

  4. yeah that kinda’ sucks for the Metalheads. they still have metal and rock shows but it does seem they are really spread out.

    Some of my old buddies said they got to see Tool, Distrurbed, Killswitch and Godsmack there in more recent times.

    Tell all of the local metalhead to quite going to the damn Taylor Swift shows there and maybe they will book the upcoming “Carnage Tour” with Megadeth, Slayer and Testament this year!

    re:Kramer’s Lake, yeah I have a bunch of stuff to post yet on those bands that played there. My fav. were: Wrathchild (U.S.) and then Buster Brown.

    Thanks for the props and stay Metal…

    Curt King

  5. I wish I held onto at least one AC/DC buck. I remember these bucks falling from the rafters while they played “Moneytalks” on The Razors Edge tour. Plus, I remember one AC/DC buck coming inside the vinyl LP of “The Razor’s Edge”. Is this corn dog of me? Of course it is. Still… I wish I had one now.

    Per usual… a fabulous job with this post!

  6. ah, the infamous AC/DC bucks. Hey, I could use a few of those now.

    Thanks for the compliments for this post. I am working hard to add things as I uncover them.

    Rock on!


  7. Just curious if u have any t-shirts you’d want to part with?

  8. I do not.

    The band might – but I seriously doubt it.

    Thanks for reading Aaron.


  9. Updated this section for all the peeps following this section.

    Added lots of new pics, backstage passes, photo passes etc.



  10. what a great walk down memory lane!

    saved a lot of school lunch money to buy those tickets.

    did you notice on the Loverboy stub “send check or money order” for payment?

    Anybody remember going to the Evansville Coliseum to see concerts?

  11. School lunch money! ha ha – now that’s a good one.

    Been there done that – I ate only french fries for a period of time when AC/DC came for their
    “Flick of the Switch” LP tour in 82/83′.

    Yup – the LOVERBOY stub was classic. They oftentimes had fast food coupons printed on the back. I guess they were onto
    something as the rockers had to get something to eat post concert with all that headbangin’!

    I saw Night Ranger and a band called Tufanuf at the Eville Coliseum. I heard Jim Dandy used to tear that place up with Black Oak Ark.

    Thanks for reading the blog.


  12. ABSOLUTELY STUNNINGLY “AXELLENT” SITE!!! THE most AMAZING thing I’ve laid my eyes on (besides my 23 year-old Super Vixen Neighbor!) all year!!! Kudos!

  13. Ha —glad you dig our site Brennan.

    *How did you hear about us plz?

    You’re neighbor sounds nice too…LOL.



  14. I was at several of those shows myself…and let me add something…the Whitesnake/Motley Crue show…WS kicked ass, Vince was…drunk…or something.

    He still owes me for that ticket…

  15. I was at the LB/Joan Jett show…that bitch blew the roof off the old stadium and had more girls lifting their tops than the gay-boy headliners. It was a wild night with the usual rednecks-on-drugs craziness in the parking lot…Eville always knew how to rock and it is absolutely the best place to be from…with emphasis on the from part.

    We saw Rod Stewart with the Ronny Wood Faces there in 74 or so…and every concert in between. Larry Aiken was a blessing to Evansville. He made a mudhole into a vibrant and daring community and without him it would not have been the same. We never would have been cool.

    Somehow Bob Folz should also get a mention. Seems to my fuddled mind that he once rented the Stadium for his own birthday party and had some major bands there…I was there but really, I don’t remember. Isaac Hayes? Good lord, I’m getting more senile than ever. Plus, the drugs…

  16. Looking up Motley Crue because I’m watching “The Dirt” on Netflix, and I thought wait! Last big concert I went to I’m pretty sure was Motley Crue in Evansville at Robert’s Stadium in the mid 80s, then I found this page, sure enough it was fall time 80s, great memories! Went to a bunch in the early 80s, first one was Kiss with Judas Priest (we were so green, made the people move that were sitting in our seats, our tickets said these certain numbers so No! We have to sit there in these particular seats!:D too funny!!!) Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Rush, Reo Speedwagon (got their autographs on an album, got to go back stage) trying to think of more, sad no more concerts there at Robert’s lot of memories (Shrine circus too, every year of my life!) but anyways, Thanks for the way back, pretty cool even though I’m like 9 years late for your page! Nice! Great job! NIKKI 💗🎸 Hoosier till I die!!! 😉

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