DEMOLISH: Posts Special 80’s Fanzine Adverts

Fanzine Advert Gallery

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3 thoughts on “DEMOLISH: Posts Special 80’s Fanzine Adverts

  1. So what were your favorite underground Metal Fanzines from back in the day folks?

    *Although they were all pretty decent,I always liked Powerline, Metal Rendezvous, Kick Ass, Gray Matter & Sheet Metal.

    And the grand-daddy of all for me was none other than Metal Forces.

    Runners up: Metal Hammer from Germany and Metallion from Canada.

    Best pics (by far): Burrn! (Japan)

    Rock On!

    Curt King

  2. Quite a grand lineup of vintage fanzine ads! What you have done here, is accounted for an important part of Heavy Metal history. Sometimes, without realizing it, we Metalheads are true archivists. You are without a Metal doubt… one. Is there a more comprehensive display of these out there? This has to be if not the only one, then one of very few collections like this for Metal fans to peruse. Great post.

    Uncle Fester… Sheet Metal Magazine… that’s my pick.


  3. thanks for the props.
    yeah I spent ages scanning all of those!

    *I doubt there is a more comprehensive repository (between this last underground zine post) and the previous post (including the more “well-known” mags). That’s why I rounded them up. And it’s by no means “complete” – and wasn’t meant to be.

    Bro – I have lists and lists of others from all over the world too. I will perhaps get more in-depth in the future as I dig this stuff up. Most peeps have A.D.D. and or only read headlines and or exciting news flashes, so I thought I would keep it simple.

    Yes, Jake W. was instrumental back in the day!

    Thanks again for your support and love for all things DEMOLISH….


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