Praise: Is A Powerful Motivator

Shameless self-plug time?

*Thanks to all the following peeps for giving compliments and praise, in such a friendly, yet professional Metal way! Please support their site(s) & show some link-love.


“I’ve been checking out your blog for awhile now. Very cool; I also used to contribute to Ron Quintana’s Metal Mania. Thanks for including my old fanzine Whiplash in your ‘zine gallery”

Brian Lew





“I finally got a chance to check out your site. There’s some very cool content that I enjoyed.
…worth digging into!”

Chad Bowar
Heavy Metal Editor,

“I have added your feed to our tracker. It looks like you did a good job with keeping the present
tense for the Demolish site. Really enjoyed the content.”

Josh Kampschmidt

Revolver Magazine


“Cool bog –  Man, I love what you are doing!”

Martin Popoff

Martin Popoff Books



“I dig your project. Good luck with the mag, and keep up the good work! Best”

Cosmo Lee

Invisible Oranges Blog



“This is cool!! I like the layout of the page, too. I have subscribed.
Whoa this is great…”

Alex Gernandt
(ex-Shock Power Fanzine – 1st German Metal Zine)

*ended up turning into Rock Hard Mag.


“I really like your zine!
It’s not often you find people who have bridged the indie print zine world and the new online world.
It really provides a unique perspective combined with a lot of credibility!”

Scott McManus
Banger Films – Canada


“Unreal is this Heavy Metal history… you just cannot
beat the 1980’s for it & you are the 80’s Heavy Metal
authority at DEMOLISH!!! Very, very, well done! Metal kudos on Demolish!”


Metal Odyssey Blog



“Very cool. I’m totally into what you are doing with your Demolish site! Keep it up.”

Pat Prince

Powerline Mag.

Powerline mag



Wrathchild America article in Demolish is awesome!
Shannon Larkin is a huge influence on my drumming and he’s a super cool guy.
Thank you and take care!”

Richard Christy | Howard Stern Show

Charred Walls of the Damned



Demolish is way cool!I wanted to say thanks again and share our Amazon ranking with you
because we’re pretty sure your article on the Japanese site is the cause for the jump in sales!”

Bill Hale

(Former Photog of Metal Rendezvous Int.)
(Metallica: The Club Dayz 1982-1984)



“I’ve read your site, it’s great! I’ve put it in my daily trip around the Metal world…”

Steve Angulo

Heavy Metal Addiction Blog

Heavy Metal Addiction Logo



“Really like what you are doing with Demolish – very cool. I can really appreciate what you have to say. It takes me back to the good old days and I can appreciate the time it had to take to write it. Great stuff.”

Scott Itter
Dr. Music Chicago



“You have valuable content beyond the usual blog entries (interviews, material from 80’s etc.) The “old school” hand-drawn logo is a part of the Demolish charm. We’re subscribing to your mag.”

Ideophony Labs – Barcelona



“I really enjoyed the Demolish “blog zine” – the idea of finishing a
classic zine 20+ years after it was started is awesome.”

Dan Edman
The Corroseum Blog


“Those Alice Cooper pics you took are REALLY good. Got some really nice close

Lee Davey
Alice Cooper Archive



“Congratulations on your website. It is absolutely incredible.
I lived those years with great intensity (I’m Forty now) so Demolish has brought me good memories.”

Metal 80 Blog – Spain



“Awesome Voivod pics!
Megadeth + Testament pics = bad ass.”

Sean W.
The Metal Files Blog

Sean W. + pal Lemmy!




Those Testament pics you took are AWESOME!!!!!
Wow man, those are just killer shots. Those pix rule!!”

Tom Trakas
None But My Own Blog


*I want to take this time to thank all you for reading Demolish! We are working hard to make Demolish a top-quality 80’s resource.

Stay tuned for a whole grab-bag of entertaining posts, more rare photos, tons of oldschool reviews and lots of special feature-length interviews (all derived from Issue #1 & 2 of Demolish Fanzine).


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6 thoughts on “Praise: Is A Powerful Motivator

  1. So what do you think – is there room for one more quality Metal publication in the blogosphere?

    *I thought posting the rare 80’s memorabilia would quench my thirst for “All things Metal”, but I am getting the itch to fire up the engines and maybe take another stab at Demolish A.D. (in early 2011 perhaps).

    With quite a bit more “life experience” soaked up in the past two decades, I think I am better suited to pull it off this time around.

    **Just thinkin’ out loud.


    High on Metal in 2010

  2. Quality journalism and content brings quality comments! Keep up the great Metal work!


  3. Good comments!

    Make a business out of it.

  4. Thanks Stone.

    We appreciate it! Now I just need to clone about 100 of you!


  5. thanks to you too Scott!

    We are thinking in those terms.

    Thanks again for your support.


  6. Very cool, Curt!

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