ANTHRAX – State of Euphoria (Vinyl Analysis) 1988

by Steve Fulton

The clowns of Thrash are back. Back with their jams, back with skateboards, and yes —back with more of the top-notch, punchy Thrash that has earned them their place among the élite of Metal bands. It’s relieving to know that after receiving major attention from their last release I’m the Man (EP) (featuring their Rap single “I’m the Man”), that selling out to the commercial world of Metal is far from the minds of Anthrax.

State of Euphoria (1988 Megaforce/Island Records) features moshing tunes like “Finale” (pronounced ‘finally’), “Be All End All” and even a killer cover of Trust’s “Antisocial”. It also seems Anthrax is taking their lyrics in a more political direction. They take their turn at running down television evangelism in “Make me Laugh” (with lyrics like “Jesus saves, but only after I’ve been paid”), and then protest the human tendency of prejudices in “Schism” (stating “A house divided can’t stand/Prejudice is an un-natural thought”).

Joey Belladonna – Pic ©Kinger

Anthrax have definitely matured musically and lyrically, but one thing I hate to hear (that often accompanies a matured pocket-book) is a bit of “over production”. But I suppose the complementary, limited edition Anthrax hologram (included in this release) makes up for it!

At any rate, whether you are an old Anthrax fan or “not”, I am certain that one listen to this plastic piece (of vinyl – ed) will leave you in a “State of Euphoria.”

  • Be All, End All 6:22
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind  5:13
  • Make Me Laugh  5:41
  • Antisocial (Bonvoisin/Krief) 4:27 (Trust Cover)
  • Who Cares Wins  7:35
  • Now It’s Dark  5:34
  • Schism 5:27
  • Misery Loves Company 5:40
  • 13 0:49
  • Finale  5:47

Anthrax: Joe Belladonna (vocals), Dan Spitz, Scott Ian (guitar), Frank Bello (bass), Charlie Benante (drums).

Recorded at Quadradial Studios. Miami, Florida.

Produced by Anthrax and Mark Dodson.

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8 thoughts on “ANTHRAX – State of Euphoria (Vinyl Analysis) 1988

  1. “State Of Euphoria” is a good Anthrax album… not as great as “Spreading The Disease”, “Fistful Of Metal” or “Among The Living” though. I “bought into” the “I’m The Man” Rap/Metal sound from Anthrax. Thinking back… they were the only Metal band dabbling in that. (If I’m wrong, I will humbly stand corrected).

    It was always the “looseness” and “what me worry” attitude of Anthrax that I gravitated to… they never followed the crowd really… from their clothes to their “I’m The Man” EP. I long for the day when Anthrax will FINALLY release a new kick-ass album. Everyone else and their brother’s cousin’s best friend is releasing new material… it’s about time for Anthrax to BRING ON THE NOISE again!

    BTW… cool album to revisit!


  2. Back in the mid to late ’80’s, I started buying the Judge Dredd comic books due to those Anthrax posters and t-shirts. Honestly, I did… and I liked that comic. I haven’t bought a Judge Dredd comic in years though… and I still have about 30 issues of Judge Dredd from back then.


  3. It’s the last “good” album of theirs for sure. Persistence of Time was terrible.

    I saw this tour as they opened for Ozzy and they were great. Charlie Benante does some nice work on the album and always delivers live.

  4. Agreed Stone.

    They started to go kinda’ down hill for me after this too.

    Anthrax always seemed to have fun that’s for sure. I did respect them for “doing their thang” when
    lots gave them crap for it back when.

    I love finding these 20 + year old old reviews and dusting them off and posting!

  5. Ha!

    I only have a few KISS comic books that I found recently.

    I know a dude in the Midwest that has owned a comic book store on the side for 2 decades and now
    he has enough collectible issues to retire [comfortably] off of!


  6. Yup – and then shortly after Phase II came (and went).

    *I am not a fan of the Bush-era Anthrax. They had some moments, but that combo
    just failed to ignite for some reason.

    Love me some Armored Saint though! Delirious Nomad rocks!


  7. The only LP with Joey that I didn’t like.

    It was like a watered down version of Among the living.
    I saw them on the Headbangers Ball tour in spring of ’89 and they were fantastic though.

    Persistance of time was a great album and it’s a shame they kicked Joey out after that and never picked up on the style they started with that album.

  8. Yes – they rock hard live! I’ve seen them several times.

    Nothing beats the first time I saw them during the “Among the Living” Tour which is where
    I took that pic from. I’ve got a bunch of great shots that I will eventually post.

    Take care…rock on!


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