Want an Iron Maiden “Eddie” Belt Buckle?

I am usually not one to re-blog articles and or jump on the bandwagon for Metal news and such —there are already far too many Blabbermouth’s or Metal Underground’s out there already covering such topics (and not-to-mention all of their sheep that blindly re-post each one of their feeds)…but I am making an exception today as this one was pretty damn cool!

So when I heard The Great Frog announced they will be reproducing Bruce Dickinson’s Eddie belt buckle, I couldn’t resist passing along this Metal News. *To clarify, I am mainly doing  in the hopes that they might actually receive enough demand to eventually make these available in bulk, so every Metal kid (or old dog like me) can afford to get their hands on one. And not to drive up prices on the “50 or so” they claim to be exclusively making. Read on Metalheads…


“With only 2 versions in existence, this is a rather big deal for any Iron Maiden fan. The Great Frog, who made the buckle all those years ago, will be remaking 50 exact replica buckles as a one-off. So far there is no mention of cost, but don’t expect a limited edition solid silver buckle to be cheap.”

“If you want to get your hands on one of these highly limited buckles, head into The Great Frog off Carnaby Street to reserve your order.”

Peep the full article post here


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