Vintage 80’s HELLOWEEN promo [West Germany]

Original promo cover shot – Metal “pumpkin head”


“Everybody who will be writing HELLOWEEN with an “A” or tries to distribute pamphlets with an “A”, will be turned into a pumpkin”! You’ve been forewarned folks…


You gotta’ love the 80’s Metal bands—especially from Europe and beyond. What they lacked in mastery of the English language or lay out skills, they made up for with a strong D.I.Y. work ethic and kick-ass music. This post is case in point. It seems it was the norm for German bands (West Germany in this case) to create and produce their own press kits and or makeshift mini-‘zines about their band or music. I liked this idea and it was quite entertaining to read sometimes.

Some of these “pamphlets” as they call them, were like mini newsletters and contained tour news, band photos, and other misc. odds n’ ends. I have one from WARLOCK here that even had adverts from Reebok shoes (ha – must have been the choice of German Metalheads back in the day!).

This particular newsletter/pamphlet was to promote the new (at the time) self-titled début HELLOWEEN (EP), as their excellent full-length “Walls of Jericho” LP wasn’t even recorded yet until later that year [1985].

HELLOWEEN – Back page promo pic

*Within this newsletter, you could buy band T-shirts, badges, stickers, autographed photos, and even a poster—all in black & white, simply by using the order form. You could even order their entire recorded output direct on vinyl from them too via this pamphlet.

Being that it was coming from West Germany, I am sure it could have easily taken a month or two to receive back when! No kiddin’ folks, you had to have a bit of patience to be a true Metalhead in the 80’s. I guess that just made you appreciate the music even more when you finally received your package via “snail mail” (they don’t call it that for nuthin’!).

I will re-type the promo text as-is for posterity (not to make fun of):

Click to enlarge

HELLOWEEN is a four-piece German Power Metal band from Hamburg, with the average age of 21. The origin of the band goes back to 1978 under the name of GENTRY consisting of Kai Hansen (g,voc), Peter Sielck (g,voc) and various often changed drummers and bassmen, with a program including conversion sof Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath as well as own songs, which already expressed the general musical tendency. In June ’78 they won the first award on a festival: The CAN Cup.

In 1980 they renamed themselves in SECOND HELL. Shortly after they took in new and steady members with Markus Grosskopf (bass) and Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums). From now on the fou developed a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden-like style. The tracks “Murderer” and “Victim of Fate” composed during that time still fit in to todays HELLOWEEN-concept. Kai and Peter alternatively performed soli because they didn’t care about the typical rhythm lead guitar classification.

In 1982 the name was changed again to IRON FIST and several performances at rock-festivals were joined in by them. Internal group difficulties caused Peter’s departure and led to automatical pause.

After some time lead guitarist Michael Weikath offered Kai to enter his group POWERFOOL. They showed that two extraordinary guitarists matched most well together in their musical feeling yet they more tended to keep to the Heavy Metal-style rather than POWERFOOL‘s Hard Rock. This resulted in POWERFOOL to be resolved and IRON FIST reborn with the membership of Michael, so that from now on the finally line up consists of as follows:

Original band logo!

This is the real deal, not the fancy colorized modern version…

Within short a new concept revealed, expressed by tracks like “Oernst of Life” (out of the former POWERFOOL -repertoire) and “Metal Invaders” both recorded on the “Death Metal” compilation issued May ’84 by Noise Records, Berlin. Prior to this the group changed their named to HELLOWEEN.

Resonance to these tracks was so overwhelming that HELLOWEEN had a feedback of fan letters from all parts of the world, Sweden, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, UK, Canada and on top of that USA besides of course Germany. Especially “Metal Invaders” was emphasised as a highlight and is meanwhile regarded as to be a classic. Following were gigs in Hamburg-scene places Knust, Sounds and Logo (last one with GRAVE DIGGER), two with MANIA at the Leine Domicil in Hannover at FZB in Schneverdingen. Furthermore a Germany-tour is provided in autumn ’85.

As Noise Records registrated exceptionally positive resonance and believes in the abilities and future of HELLOWEEN late ’84 a contract for further productions was concluded. Studio-work began in Jan/Feb ’85 with the 5-track mini LP enclosing “Starlight”, “Murderer”, “Warrior”, “Victim of Fate” and “Cry for Freedom” issued in April ’85. In March ’85 the track “Murderer” was remixed for the Metal Attack Vol.I compilation issued April ’85 with Noise bands exceptionally presented by the German magazine Metal Hammer in collaboration with Noise Records.

There are no studio demos. Only some exercise tapes exist, are, however, not available.

HELLOWEEN‘s stylistic marks are complicated twin-vocal guitar riffs, hymniclike powering sung parts, hunted by aggressive metallic tone sequences which are expressed by Kai and Michael with rasant solo duels and a variety of thundering bass bangs by Markus and violet steamhammer-like drums of Ingo.


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5 thoughts on “Vintage 80’s HELLOWEEN promo [West Germany]

  1. I saw HELLOWEEN a few times at Bogart’s in Cincinnatti, Ohio.

    Always a great show played DAVID T. CHASTAIN a lot. Huge drum riser. They played the night Cliff Burton was reported killed in that bus crash in Sweden.

    They ripped into “Master of Puppets” and the place went nuts, but there were also a lot of tears.

    NEVER will forget that show!!

    ya’ll do great work!

  2. Colin,

    I think that was actually the band called HALLOWEEN (different spelling).

    *I have a flyer with dates from 1987.

    BTW know of anyone who might have Bogart’s pic’s or anything from that era? flyers, ticket
    stubs or anything!


    The “HALLOWEEN” band from Detroit played there a lot., so I could have been easily confused.

    *I had tons of stuff but when i moved out of my parents house. i left most of it there for safe keeping, but since my mom passed away 1 1/2 years ago my dad has been gettin rid of stuff [he calls it cleaning]… I’ll check.

    i’m Chris Metz’s friend. i believe we’ve met b4. also i’m still friends with Pete Georgeton of Annie’s. next time i see him at the track i’ll ask.

  4. Helloween= classic band.

    I remember when I saw them as a young kid opening for Iron Maiden in my hometown Stockholm on the Somewhere In Time Tour.

    Really cool blog btw!

  5. Awesome old H’Ween stuff, man.

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