AMEBIX returns in 2011

Forget the hype or any “preconceived” expectations that you may have. It’s simple, AMEBIX [considered seminal and or legendary by many] have reformed. I will be the first to admit that I was unaware of their reformation and that they were even recording material again until I received an email blast from them today.

Although, the bands’ original run was from 1978 – 1987 [during this time span they released three EP’s and two full-length LP’s], I came to know the band when I received their heavy-ass Monolith LP for review in 87′ from Heavy Metal Records (go figure). From there, I back tracked to their first studio release called Arise! from 1984 (Alternative Tentacles). It appears that AMEBIX have always had strong ties with Metal in a few aspects—and that’s probably why I liked listening to them.

I was never a huge fan of the straight up stereo-typical socio/political rants of most punk outfits. I am sure AMEBIX had those tendencies but there was something “different” [for lack of a better word] about their dirty + cumulative sound. Perhaps it was a “mythical aspect” in their lyrics and or delivery of their riffage that made them stand out for me…even to this day! I am also pretty sure there are some bands still trying to copy their [timeless] once-underground “sound” from around the globe.


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a [rare] complimentary promotional pic of AMEBIX from my collection.

The scoop in 2011

It appears Rob Miller (Vocals/Bass), Stig C Miller (Guitars) and recently added drummer Roy Mayorga (who also contributes keyboards/mandolin) have spent the last two years working towards the release of their first collection of all-new material since 1987—aptly titled Sonic Mass. So when can you get your grubby hands on this? Well, the new AMEBIX album will be released later this year on September 20th, 2011.

The album was recorded at Rock Cottage in Derbyshire and The Lodge Studios in Northampton, England, and engineered, mixed and produced by drummer Roy Mayorga (Nausea, Crisis, Soulfly, Stone Sour). It will be released digitally and on CD by Amebix Records, Easyaction and Cargo, with a deluxe 12″ vinyl edition from Profane Existence.

Pic Fin McAteer

Born Again?

What prompted these “godfathers of punk/metal” to get it together after having laid dormant for so long? Probably the rash of copy-cat “bands” that are parading around these days (ha!), but it seems a DVD release, and a string of 2009 reunion shows actually reignited the flame again.

Most hard-core fans of the band, will know they released the decent Redux (EP) in 2010, which features live and re-recorded versions of 3 classics, including “Winter,” “Chain Reaction,” and “Arise.”

Check out this video update from The Lodge recording studio in Northampton, England.

  • What’s the final verdict?
  • Has this once-powerful/intense “punk” band from the UK aged well after 2.5 decades?
  • Well – I’ll let you be the judge, but for me it’s great they are back!


A whole new chapter in the AMEBIX saga has begun.


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