Lux Drummerette Covers Slayer “Postmortem”

I admit that I may be late-to-the-plate on this one, but when I stumbled upon this it really made me grin from ear to ear folks!

How can one not like this vid?

It contains a hottie chic [of course], killer drumming and a SLAYER classic – Post Mortem!

“Here’s a drum cover for Postmortem by Slayer, one of the thrash metal bands that got me into metal.” \m/ Rock on ~lux



Technique and playing-wise, it’s pretty spot-on too [minus a few parts, but you know how hard it would to play this exact –  to a CD and stay in sync timing-wise].

  • Lux is the drummer for Nekromantix and Sacred Storm.
  • Endorsed by Paiste cymbals, Axis Percussion, Serial Drummer Clothing, & Too Fast Clothing




2 thoughts on “Lux Drummerette Covers Slayer “Postmortem”

  1. Awesome!
    do you if she plays in a band?????

    I would definitely like to take a look!

  2. Very cool, thanks for posting!

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