INTRINSIC- Intrinsic (Vinyl Analysis)

Intrinsic -Intrinsic

(No Wimp/Important)

 1. Ahead Of The Game
2. Hit The Streets
3. Compo
4. RIP
5. Possessor
6. No Return
7. Leaving Insane
8. Wasted Life

This is hard-hitting Power/Speed metal, with a definite musical direction that exudes both intelligence and imagination. Deriving a sound that comes from a diverse collection of influences, INTRINSIC’s fate seems well in hand.

Let by the double axe attack of Mike Mellinger and Ron Crawford, the band roars through an accumulation of metal rage. “Possessor” drills the cranium with unrelenting force and laborious guitar work highlights this heavy weight.

*from the collection of Demolish Magazine.

The acoustic intro of “No Return” signals the furious guitar action that follows—Mellinger and Crawford’s guitar workouts are awesome [with subtle hints of Iron Maiden and Attacker present].

Other songs such as “Rip”, “Ahead of the Game”, “Hit the Streets”, and “Wasted Life” show the band’s spellbinding combativeness and is what makes this LP such a necessity! ~Mike Cervantes

*At the time of this review [1988] the band was looking for a suitable replacement for lead vocal duties. Vocalist Garrett Graupner had departed from the band and ex-Metal Church vocalist David Wayne (R.I.P) also departed.


Looks like the folks @ Retrospect Records reissued this rare LP on CD.  *Click here for more info and some audio samples. From Retrospect:

“Finally, after 20 years, for the first time on CD, this is the classic début release by cult U.S. Power Metallers: INTRINSIC. Featuring powerful songs and a killer dual axe attack, Intrinsic combined the sound of NWOBHM with early 80’s American Metal and the results are an album that every fan of 80’s Metal will find themselves head banging to.”

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