Cliff Burton: A Dedication to my Son

by Ray Burton


This was very heartfelt and unexpected!

The Father of Cliff Burton, Ray Burton (at the age of 86) thanks all of Cliff’s fans for the support they have given him since his death. Sept. 27th marks the 25th Anniversary of Cliffs tragic death.

May he live forever in our hearts.




3 thoughts on “Cliff Burton: A Dedication to my Son

  1. Never forgotten Cliff! I was 16 and had just been to the cancelled show at Mesker that summer I believe? Hatfield broke his arm skateboarding down Mesker hill. No idea was the last chance I had to see Cliff alive. What a shame. As a bass player, he was a huge influence on me.

  2. I consider seeing Metallica with Cliff Burton playing in a club as my single greatest Metal moment & memory. May Cliff Burton rest in peace.

  3. This gentleman did a wonderful job remembering his son and making us aware of what type of person Cliff was.

    Cliff was taken away far too soon, but he did leave a wonderful legacy of music to remember him by.

    Cheers to the Burtons for raising such a talented and exceptional son!

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