DECIBEL: Thrash Metal Hall of Fame [special issue]

The fine folks over at Decibel Mag. sent us an email blast this week about a nifty special collectors issue they’ve put together called Thrash Metal Hall of Fame. It looked pretty cool so I thought I would share with our readers. I haven’t actually read it, so if it sucks or turns out to be a blatant “cash-in” then please don’t kill the messenger.

Here’s the scoop:

“The end of every year is prime list-making time. Christmas lists if you’re a widdle baby; esoteric, in-depth, face-crushingly metal lists if you’re us. We’ve already hit you with bonus content in the form of our 100 Greatest Metal Albums of the Decade and Black Metal Hall of Fame issues. Now it’s time to ride the lightning beneath the remains of the greatest albums in thrash history, and find out which master reigns.”

That last sentence kinda’ sounds like something Don Jamieson or Jim Florentine [co-hosts on That Metal Show] might say!

I am banking on the Hall of Fame writing of J.Bennett, which is the best part of that print mag. IMO.  Horns up to the kick-ass artwork and graphic design of Andrei Bouzikov.

Enjoy the orig.artwork

“In the new Thrash Metal Hall of Fame issue – featuring exclusive new cover art by acclaimed metal artist Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Cannabis Corpse) – not only do we go hi-top deep into the top 50 thrash albums of all time, but shred you to submission with seven Hall of Fame’s.”


  • Slayer: Reign in Blood

  • Anthrax: Among the Living

  • Testament: The Legacy

  • Metallica: …And Justice for All

  • Megadeth: Rust in Peace

  • Anacrusis: Reason  <–finally a pick out of the underground!

  • Prong: Beg to Differ


The Thrash HOF issue is available now, albeit only through Decibel’s webstore and select indie records stores. See for locations in case your dog ate your credit card or your girlfriend didn’t pay for your internet connection this month!

Buy on site Metal peeps!


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