Rare SLAYER T-shirt slideshow

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These tour t-shirts are getting harder and harder to find. I didn’t buy a lot of concert shirts but I am glad that I actually purchased a few of these puppies!

Enjoy the slide show and rare SLAYER shirt archives.

5 thoughts on “Rare SLAYER T-shirt slideshow

  1. I’ve got a Slayer t-shirt with a picture of a girl in front of the Devil with a Slayer logo I’ve never seen before. It looks a lot like mid eighties design. Soon it will be more holes than t-shirt left…
    I’m not a Slayer-fan so I don’t know much, but it’s probably a boot.

  2. Man, this is a topic I bring up all the time.

    Back in 88′ at the Hollywood Palladium I picked up a shirt at the booth, it was a priest stabbing a guy in a church with upside down crosses in stained glass. I have never seen anyone ever having this shirt. I had numerous people always asking me where I got it.

    I’d kill the person who ever stole it from me .

  3. Is this the one?

    *sorry for small pic. It’s a rare shirt.

    Slayer Priest Shirt

  4. I have an old tee shirt with the eagle logo on the front and a small pentagram on the upper back side, can anyone tell me an approximate date this was distributed? I don’t know the story on when this tee shirt was printed or what concert, thanks!

  5. Wow those are some seriously rare & special shirts! Each of them would make a small fortune on eBay. But who would sell a precious shirt of their favorite band?

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