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I receive hundreds of demos at the Demolish HQ every year and most of them are less than stellar!

One hates to sound negative like that and or put it that way, but it’s true. Some of these demos are mere band rehearsals, some are “live”, some sound like a 10th generation cassette copy (and some might be just that -ed), but luckily the top 25% I would say are recorded quite well and even look like a real-deal “finished product”.

Enter Demolition Hammer.

These thrash dogs are from New York and what a treat for your ears! Each song unfolds more and more layers of crisp and tasty riffs. I kept thinking, OK when is it going to bomb-out and or throw me into the “disinterested” mood which would in turn prompt a swift ejection and placement into the “crap” pile. Well, I am happy to report that never happened! As a matter of fact I listened to this demo, which is called “Necrology” from start to finish and my ears were thanking me for the extreme pleasure their music provided.


Steve Reynolds – Vocals/Bass

James Reilly – Guitars/Vocals

Derek Sykes – Guitars

Vinny Daze – Drums


What about the sound?

*Listen to Neanderthal

*Listen to Infectious Hospital Waste

They are obviously wearing their SLAYER influence proudly on their sleeves, which is cool. You gotta’ start somewhere right, so why not be influenced by one of the best on the scene?!

The six songs are similar to the speed of Exodus with the standard shout-type background vox that’s popular these days, but Demolition Hammer is headed into more of a “death metal” direction, mostly in the vocal department as the riffage is straight up [underground] Thrash Metal.

Hats off to drummer – Vincent Civitano (aka’ Vinny Daze) who is quite the “sticksmith.” The main beef [being a drummer], is that most of the demo’s we get for review have weak drummers who are just plain “sloppy.” Not the case with Vinny! Check out the tracks “Mercenary Aggression” and “Infectious Hospital Waste” for prime examples of his tight playing and precision double-bass execution.

The demo was engineered by John Rosenberg and recorded at Water Music, Hoboken, N.J. in May 1989.
Cover Art & Logo by Vinny Daze.

I would file this alongside Canada’s Sacrifice, California’s Vio-Lence, Arizona’s Sacred Reich or New Jersey’s Nuclear Assault (four of my favorites). If you like those bands then you will most likely click with “DH.”

~Buy or die!


2012 Update:

The band ended up releasing three full-length albums between 1990 and 1994. Century Media Records released a complete anthology back in 2008, which includes every title from their first three albums, two pre-production demos from Time Bomb, and one video clip.

I am sad to learn that drummer Vincent Civitano (a.k.a. Vinny Daze) passed away in 1996. R.I.P. Vinny!

This demo [from 1989] is still considered a rare gem in the Metal Underground. The tape has circulated far and wide and is enjoyed by fans on You Tube and many other popular download sites.

The verdict is pretty much unanimous and everyone who listens seems to agree (for a change) and can attest to the quality of their music. Unfortunately there were many bands such as this that were not able to survive the turn from the late 80’s and into the early 90’s.


  • Skull Fracturing Nightmare (1988)
  • Necrology (1989)
  • Tortured Existence (1990)
  • Epidemic of Violence (1992)
  • Time Bomb (1994)
  • Necrology: A Complete Anthology (2008)

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