Savage Messiah – Plague Of Conscience

The UK was never known to produce a plethora of top-notch thrash bands over the years…(sorry guys) perhaps it’s time for a change. Enter: Savage Messiah.

PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE, the new album from British metallers SAVAGE MESSIAH, is out now in Europe on CD, limited edition colored vinyl and digital download. PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE is SAVAGE MESSIAH’s third album and features ten ripping tracks of [modern] heavy metal from one of the UK’s top bands to watch out for in 2012. The album was recorded with producer SCOTT ATKINS at Grindstone.

Their sound is reminiscent [or influenced by] some of the best Bay Area bands such as Testament and or Exodus. This is mostly in the riffing department as guitarist/vocalist Dave Silver throws in plenty of choice chunky riffs throughout and some fancy lead licks to boot.

It’s no surprise that there’s been a [seemingly] steady stream of bands following in the foot steps of their favorite 80’s metal bands in the last few years. This is all fine and dandy and I am all for it, however most of the newer thrash bands are simply imitating the masters from the late 80’s and they get rather long-in-the-tooth—and fast. Not so with SM, which is comprised of: Dave Silver, Joff Bailey, Stefano Selvatico and Mauricio Chamucero.

So are these guys new school metal or old school thrash? Whatever “school” you want to label it, they are a class act!

On their two earlier releases (Spitting Venom & Insurrection Rising) the band was cutting their teeth and although catchy, they were somewhat predictable. Enter 2012 and the band has done a complete about-face. On their new release I feel as though they are shedding their basic “thrash-by-numbers” sound perhaps and have turned in a much more mature-sounding bunch of tracks. Kudos for adding the extra dose of melodies and finely detailed song arrangements throughout! All of the songs are catchy and memorable, yet heavy.

Standout tracks:

  • “Architects Of Fear” = old school melodic/power metal
  • “Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt” = Priest/Halford inspired stomper [think Green Manalishi groove]
  • “In Thought Alone” & “Six Feet Under The Gun” = mighty fine grooves [incl. some Savatage (Jon Oliva) type screams
  • “The Accuser” & the title track “Plague Of Conscience” = heavier/faster action!

Fans of Metal Church, Fates Warning, Savatage, Megadeth, Testament and Exodus should eat this up.

Only one small complaint: the kick drums are a bit low in the mix and lack punch or power. Other than that, it’s a very cool listen and much-needed kick in the arse of the “modern metal” scene.

Highly recommended!


*Visit their site to download the new Savage Messiah album for FREE!

To get your album download, just enter your e-mail address HERE and click “Go”, then click the download button, then choose “Save File to your computer” on the download page.

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