Special 80′s Metal Fanzine Gallery [Part 2.]

headbanger no 11011After the overwhelming response that we received from the first Metal Fanzine Gallery feature, I thought I would put together another super rare set of fanzine cover scans. Please link back and credit our site as it took a bazillion hours to scan all of these, not to mention collect and preserve. This is all for your enjoyment and Metal pleasure. Enjoy it.

Below you will find a few additional scans below from some of the great Metal Fanzines & magazines from all over the world. There are many more available in our Vaults and we will be adding more in the future. Please feel free to send any Metal Fanzine scans if you have any that should be included. I am only looking for issues from around 1980 – 1990.

*to enjoy the slide show gallery, click on any image. Use arrows to navigate


*If you published a fanzine within these years and would like to be included, then please get in touch by all means. If you are still “alive and kicking” in 2016 then I may be interested in doing an interview with you!


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3 thoughts on “Special 80′s Metal Fanzine Gallery [Part 2.]

  1. I have hundreds of original fanzines and continue to collect them

  2. A fine assembly of fanzines! Without the underground bands and fanzines, our beloved Metal community would never be.

    Gee… that sounded like something written on a remote cave wall with ancient scrolls laying around the ground. (!)

    You… Rock… Kinger \m/\m/

  3. I’ve been checking out your blog for awhile now.

    Thanks for including my old fanzine Whiplash in your ‘zine gallery!

    Very cool; I also used to contribute to Ron Quintana’s Metal Mania.

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