Queensrÿche Members Speak Out (the rumor mill of the internet)!

Core Queensrÿche members were recently interviewed by hometown Seattle radio station KISW 99.9 FM on “The Men’s Room” show. I was really anxious to listen to this (I am sure you all were too) to see if they would actually talk about any of the rumors and or elaborate on the future of Queensrÿche and what’s up with their new side project called RISING WEST.

Unfortunately The Men’s Room show was a typical “shock rock” broadcast and their attempt at comedy was so far off the mark it wasn’t even funny (pun intended)! The two DJ’s tagged teamed and never let the band speak and most of their questions were a waste of time. I decided to re-edit and give you some sound bites below so you did not have to sit through the full recording or podcast of the event. Hat’s off to the station for having the guys on though, I appreciate that. If you think you can stomach it; DOWNLOAD the full Podcast.

Michael Wilton stated [about the formation of RISING WEST and the status of QUEENSRŸCHE], “We have some time off this year, so we put a project and this kind of turned into this monumental, epic band. And we’re doing that as kind of a side thing away from QUEENSRŸCHE.” He added, “We still very much are QUEENSRŸCHE, and QUEENSRŸCHE will be continuing on. We want to just have some fun, play some old ‘RŸCHE, bring back some memories and just kick it.”

Michael Wilton

*click to listen: What’s New?

*Rumors and future of Queensrÿche

Todd LaTorre – New vox

*How did you guys meet?

Todd LaTorre stated: “Well a lot of people, you know we’ve got tours and some shows coming up in Europe/ coming up in August and we’re [Crimson Glory] writing a new album.

I met Michael at NAMM. We met there, and had dinner and talked and it just kind of morphed from there and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The fans are in for a real treat – we’d love for them to come out. Their gonna’ hear songs that some of these the band has never played before love and it if they have it’s been 20 + years. We’re all having a great time, we crack up, it’s a great time.

It feels you know – even Michael today said, man, you’re taking me way back!”

*How are they treating ya’ thus far?

*On Crimson Glory and progressive music + fans

Scott Rockenfield

*The road ahead.

*The fan response thus far?

On The Bands First Shows

The band performed rare and classic hits from the first five QUEENSRŸCHE albums — from the 1983 EP through 1990′s “Empire” — as well as a cover version of the IRON MAIDEN staple “Wrathchild.”

*How do you decide what to play?

*Legalities and band advice

*On Rocklahoma incident and Brazil rumors

RISING WEST‘s set list:

01. Queen Of The Reich

02. Speak

03. Walk In The Shadows

04. En Force

05. Child Of Fire

06. The Whisper

07. Warning

08. The Needle Lies

09. Take Hold Of The Flame

10. Prophecy

11. My Empty Room

12. Eyes Of A Stranger


13. Wrathchild (IRON MAIDEN cover)

14. Roads To Madness



Rising West features Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren of Queensrÿche, with powerhouse vocalist Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory. The band plan on hitting the studio sometime early summer 2012 to begin recording their first release.

One thought on “Queensrÿche Members Speak Out (the rumor mill of the internet)!

  1. It’s a shame when big mouth DJ’s don’t realize they are not the show and the “real” show is the band they are supposed to interview. Nothing ever changes there, it’s been like that for decades.

    I truly hope that Queensryche stays together as a band… when I saw them live this past year they were INCREDIBLE and played many of the classics. I will “jump on board” with Rising West… this is a lineup of profound influence and talent for certain.

    I always shy away from writing about the “rumors” in the music world… as Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say – “it is what it is”.

    Rock Steady, Kinger! \m/\m/

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