Metal Album Cover Spotlight (Eliran Kantor)

This is one killer metal album cover I wanted to highlight by Eliran Kantor!

Dark Roots of Thrash (cover art)

Original artwork and concept



Final product | release


Eliran Kantor

Eliran Kantor (born 13 September 1984) is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator known mostly for creating album covers for heavy metal bands such as Testament, Mekong Delta, Sigh and Anacrusis. He created the artwork used on various releases issued via the likes of Nuclear Blast, Candlelight Records, SPV Records, AFM, The End and Season of Mist among others (see list below).


Album cover illustration credits

Spheron – Ecstasy of God (Apostasy Records, 2013)

Evile – Skull (Earache Records, 2013)

Ferium – “Reflections” (Boxer Studios, TBA 2012)

Testament – Dark Roots of Earth (Nuclear Blast, 2012)

Sigh – In Somniphobia (Candlelight Records, 2012)

Advent of Bedlam – “Flesh Over God” (Self-Released, 2012)

Sodom – In War and Pieces (SPV Records, 2010)

Atheist – Jupiter (Season Of Mist 2010)

Sigh – Scenes from Hell (The End Records, 2010)

Mekong Delta – Lurking Fear (AFM Records/Candlelight Records, 2007)

Mekong Delta – Wanderer on the Edge of Time (AAARRG Records, 2010)

Virus – The Agent That Shapes The Desert (Duplicate Records, 2010)

Anacrusis – Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited (Anacrusis, 2010)

Master – The Human Machine (Pulverized Records, 2010)

Enders Game – What We’ve Lost (Independent release, 2010)

The Crinn – Dreaming Saturn (Nuclear Blast Records, 2010)

Masachist – Death March Fury (Witching Hour Productions, 2009)[7]

The Alien Blakk – Modes of Alienation (Reissue) (Independent release, 2009)

GWAR – Lust in Space (inside sleeve artwork only) (Metal Blade, 2009)

Immortal Dominion – Primortal (427Records, 2009)

Mandala – I (independent release, 2009)

Testament – The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast, 2008)

To-Mera – Delusions (Candlelight Records, 2008)

Baliset – A Time for Rust (Ret-Con records, 2008)

Ansur – Warring Factions (Candlelight Records/Nocturnal Art Production, 2008)

Deceiver – Thrashing Heavy Metal (Pulverised Records, 2008)

Desolation – Lexicon V (Shadowflame Records, 2008)

Xerath – Xerath I (Promotional demo, 2008)

Thy Majestie – Dawn (Dark Balance Records, 2008)

Masachist – Death March Fury (TBA, 2008)

Robot Lords of Tokyo – II: Whiskey, Blood & Napalm (Independent release, 2008)

Prey For Nothing – Violence Divine (Rusty Cage Records, 2008)

Abysmalia – Portals to Psychotic Inertia (independent release, 2008)

Grant O’neil – Head-On (Independent release, 2008)

Sorrow’s Joy – Fallow Ground (Independent release, 2008)

Liberty N’ Justice – 4 All : the best of LNJ (Versallis Records, 2007)

sHeavy – The Machine That Won the War (Candlelight Records, 2007)

Mena Brinno – Icy Muse (Dark Balance Records, 2007)

Thrustor – Night of Fire (Black Bastola Records, 2007)

The Old Dead Tree – The Water Fields (Season of Mist Records, 2007)

Detonation – Emission Phase (Osmose Productions, 2007)

Aghora – Formless (European edition) (Season of Mist Records, 2007)

Denis Vlachiotis – Imperishable Ferocity (Independent release, 2007)

Dissonant – Perspective independent release, 2007)

Savannah – S/T (Independent release, 2007)

Sickening Horror – When Landscapes Bleed Backwards (Neurotic Records, 2006)

Aghora – Formless (American edition) (Dobles Music, 2006)

Abed – The Coming of Soon (Independent release, 2005)

Abused Romance – S/T (Independent release, 2005)

Dred – A Pathway to Extinction (Independent release, 2005)

To-Mera – Transcendental (Candlelight Records, 2005)

Bishop of Hexen – The Nightmarish Compositions (SPV Records/CCP Records, 2005)

Armilos – Race of Lies (Independent release, 2004)

Solitary – Trail of Omission (Independent release, 2004)

HYPERION – Orchestrating The Myth (Independent release, TBD)

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