ACCEPT – Evansville, IN. 6-8-1985 (Mesker Amphitheatre) Concert Photos

© Demolish Magazine

This was probably the best live show that I ever attended in Evansville, Indiana during the 80’s!


The photos are from the 1984/85′ Iron MaidenWorld Slavery Tour” with Accept (and local Indy-area band Why On Earth) as openers. Believe it or not, I took these pics with one of those little Kodak Disk Cameras. If you are over 40 you will know what I am talking about.

Kodak Disc Camera

Cameras and recorders were not allowed [without a photo/press pass] at concerts back in the day. So it was a big deal to be able to sneak in a camera and snap some quickie shots of the band(s). Little did I know, just a few years later I would be able to score legit photo or backstage passes to most shows for coverage in Demolish Mag.

Yesthat was amazing to be in the “pit” (i.e. inches away from the stage) and within arms reach of the rock godz! I cherish those moments and treasure all the memorabilia that’s neatly tucked away in the Vaults.


Enjoy these exclusivenever published beforephotos; available only on this site.



*For those out of the greater Midwest area:

Mesker Amphitheatre is a historic 8,500-seat amphitheater, in Evansville, Indiana, United States. It has 5,500 chair back seats and 3,000 lawn seats and has recently been shut down (until infrastructure upgrades are made).

Here is an interesting short video that some locals put together about the venue:

Check out this fan video, which features ticket stubs and the radio promo for the concert! Talk about nostalgia.

Special thanks to Mike Johnson for the audio and this front gate Mesker pic is from his collection too.

*All photos are – ©Demolish Magazine

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13 thoughts on “ACCEPT – Evansville, IN. 6-8-1985 (Mesker Amphitheatre) Concert Photos

  1. Sweet!I Loved playing that show!
    Joe Joe Weekend

  2. What? No pics of WHY ON EARTH?

  3. Awesome. Thanks for posting!

  4. The Rockin’ 80’s!!

  5. Hey Mark,

    Thx.for stopping by the Demolish HQ online!

    Miss the 80’s music and great times.

    Be well my friend.

  6. Hey Tommy,

    Thank u for your comment – were you at the Mesker show perhaps?

    Or just an ACCEPT fan <—killer band (still going strong too).



  7. Hey Joe,

    Coming soon…stay tuned. HaHa

  8. Hey bro,

    Nice to hear from a WHY ON EARTH band member.

    Yes – that was one amazing night/show in Evansville, Indiana.

    Thx.for clicking on our online magazine.


  9. I think we went together. I remember UDO jumping off drum riser and landing on his face…not missing a beat.

    Then, during Iron Maiden, the guitarist were about to throw down because their guitar cords were tangled. This was before wireless everything.

    One of my favorite shows.

    Thanks, Curtis Baby

  10. I forgot to state that Udo landed on his face jumping off riser and didn’t miss a beat!

  11. Yup – I remember. Great show!



  12. No. Just an Accept fan. I haven’t logged on to this site in a long time man.

  13. Hi. Great photos. guess you will also have photos of the Iron Maiden concert. Can you post them?



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