Metz Pics

Here are a few black and white photos from the DEMOLISH vaults. These photos were taken by one of our main staff photographers for the Midwest – Chris Metz.

Thanks for all of your hard work and I hope you enjoyed some of these fab shows!

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David Wayne R.I.P. 1958 -2005

Dave Pritchard R.I.P. 1963 -1990


*click on images for a larger view.

Collage Metz/Demolish Mag.

Collage Metz/Demolish Mag.

Collage Metz/Demolish Mag.


David Chastain (Pic Chris Metz)©

Mike – Suicidal Tendencies Metz©

Lemmy (Photo Chris Metz)©

Leather (Photo Chris Metz)©

Alice Cooper

ALICE COOPER (Photo Chris Metz)©

Armored Saint (Pic Chris Metz)©

Calvin Humphrey – ZOETROPE              (Photo Chris Metz)©

Joey Belladonna – ANTHRAX (Photo Chris Metz)©

Scott Ian – ANTHRAX                  (Photo Chris Metz)©

David Wayne – METAL CHURCH R.I.P. 1958 – 2005                                      (Photo Chris Metz)©

Mike Spencer – Flotsam & Jetsam  (Photo  Chris Metz)©

Live @ Bogarts - Cinci, Ohio

VOIVOD: Vocalist Denis Bélanger & bassist Jean-Yves Thériault                                       (Photo Chris Metz)©

Frank Bello – ANTHRAX (Pic Chris Metz)©

Dave Prichard – ARMORED SAINT R.I.P. 1963-1990                                (Photo Chris Metz)©

Craig Wells – Metal Church (Photo Chris Metz)©

Paul Dianno (Photo Chris Metz)©

Dianno/BATTLEZONE Guitarist (Photo Chris Metz)©

11 thoughts on “Metz Pics

  1. damn those are some killer pictures. Thank you so much for posting those.
    Those bring back a lot of “metal memories” from when I was in high school.

    *Too bad they are not many bands today that can match these 80’s cats!

    PLEASE post more pics from this era.

    Would love to see some from Heathen, Mordred, Exodus, Sacred Reich and Flotsam & Jetsam as those were my favorites!

    Long live Metal!


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  3. Mike,

    Glad you liked the pics. Yes Chris was a very talent photographer. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was able to get him special “all access photo passes” to be able to get that close to the bands.

    Stay tuned as I have a crap load of photos from 1987 – 1991.

    Thanks for reading Demolish Mag.

    Curt King

  4. Found a few more black n’ white “proofs” from rock photographer Chris Metz.

    So I added shots from:

    David Chastain performing at Bogart’s

    “Psycho” Mike from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES

    LEATHER (Leon) – great rock vox!!

    Lemmy – Another classic shot…

    Hope you enjoy these.

    **Maybe one day Chris will “google” himself and get back in touch with us.

    I know he has a treasure trove of photos in his vaults, and again -these were only meant to be ROUGH proofs for me to pick out the best shots.

    Curt King

  5. Hey man, this site is so fucking Awesome!!!!!!

    awesome time, i want to go back to the 80´s…
    there will be no better years than this!

    Keep Thrashing!!


  6. great shots!

  7. I know this dude!

    … I still see him at metal shows in Cincy.

    His pics always kicked ass… He should be on That Metal Show.

    His pics are some of the best Ive ever seen.

    Post some more!

  8. GREAT Pics!!

  9. Chris takes some f**king great pics!

    Hope this motivates him to dust off the camera and start taking more shots.
    Rad! Love the Lemmy!

  10. Chris not only takes GREAT shots of metal bands, his other photo works are amazing too.

    I am with Tom – in hopes that these will inspire dusting off the camera and getting back to shooting.


    what a cat 😉

  11. I worked with Chris Metz for a number of years.
    Not only is he a talented Chef, but now I also see he is very talented photographer.

    Knows more about Metal than anyone I know.

    Here is hoping he continues to use his gifts and picks the camera back up in the near future.
    Awesome Shots Metz!

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