King Diamond For this post I scanned in some of the “camera-ready” advertisements that I received from a few fanzines and several nice half page, quarter page and full pages ads from well-known record labels. The full-page ads were for the inside cover, back page and inside of the back page. In case you are wondering about the grand COVER page? That was reserved for the main-man himself KING DIAMOND. You will definitely see that in the future!

Don’t worry I didn’t charge for these ads or run off to Mexico with the $$$. They were offered free of charge to get the word out on the street for when DEMOLISH #1 made its grand entrance.

In exchange for the ads, the labels supplied usan unknown entity at that time, with plenty of promo releases, pics, posters and concert passes for interviews etc.

By-the-way, this was way before desktop publishing or computers, so “camera-ready” meant a special [expensive] print that was ready for the printing press.

*click image to view slide show. use arrows to navigate.


If you enjoyed this photo gallery then you might like to check out some super rare Metal Fanzine adverts that we scanned and posted.

3 thoughts on “Promo

  1. wow that was cool to see those old school ads! I remember seeing some of these in the Metal rags of the day.

    thanks for posting!

    Bang on…

    Metal Mike

  2. glad you liked the adverts post.

    Yup -another blast from the (Metal) past…

    I have a lot of other ads if you or any others are interested? I can certainly scan them for future DEMOLISH blog posts.

    Thanks for reading. Spread the word that DEMOLISH is alive in 2009!

    Remember: METAL RULES!

    Curt King

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