I thought I would post a selection of the cool artwork that I received at DEMOLISH HQ for Issue #1. These were to be spread throughout the magazine in various lay-outs and special sections.

Alternate logo by Curt Reinitz


First up is some rather cool sketches by Mark Peerman from the great state of Indiana.

Second we have some intricate fantasy-type drawings from Philip Cerreta Jr. from New York.


*click on any image to open slide show | gallery

Alternate logo submitted by BMC


I forgot who submitted this one!


Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the official Demolish logo. Special thanks to Mark, Philip and Curt R.  for taking the time to draw these pieces.

*If anyone can identify the unknown “blood-dripping” logo above please get in touch so I can credit properly. I know it was from a band who submitted a demo to Demolish in 87’/88′ (possibly from Canada).

6 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. Awesome art!! LOVE IT!

  2. thanks for the feedback.

    yeah those guys can really draw. they are even better now after 20 years!

    *maybe I will solicit them for new works for my next blog!

    Take care,

    Curt King
    Demolish HQ

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  4. very cool art pieces in this section.

    I wish more blogs or magazines had more art.

    Thanks for this special section. Will you be adding more to this section? A friend of mine has some heavy Metal Artwork if interested


  5. me too! I love sketches and anything hand-drawn by a human being.

    extra points if they were/are listening to SLAYER’s “South of Heaven” while getting down with the pen + paper…

    *Have your friend get in touch with me.If it’s “Metal-Worthy” I might be able to post or update this section.

    I think I have a small shoe box full of other drawings.

    Curtis King

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