greg christian bass TESTAMENTThis is one of my favorite sections in the ‘zine. I always look forward to reading the forms after each band fills them out.

Other than pure entertainment value, the “MUSICIANS PLAYLIST” was compiled and published in order for you to better understand where certain bands are coming from. As any musician will know, almost everything you listen to can and will influence you in some way shape or form and usually surfaces in your own compositions or playing.

By checking out these lists, you can see who and what these individual musicians favor and hopefully get a general idea of their personal taste in music (other than their own band).  You might be pleasantly surprised at the lists.

Sometimes what these musicians listen to vs the style they play are vastly different and can be both peculiar and astonishing at the same time.

*This is just a sampling of lists that we were able to compile over the years. Stay tuned for more Top 5’s.

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