KINETIC DISSENT – Controlled Reaction

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kinetic_dissent_controlled_reaction-demoI’m just going to tell you right of the bat that this Georgia-based band, who are cleverly named Kinetic Dissent, are one of the best unsigned bands in the underground. Pretty bold statement huh? Well, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think they deserve it.

Controlled Reaction is the appointed name for their second demo and I seriously think it was one of the best demo tapes I’ve heard in all of ’88. Definitely top ten list. This congregation has managed to materialize four songs that are extremely impressive…to say the least. The songs Choose Your Fate, Cultured Illogic, 12 Angry Men and Faces of the Fallen are some of the finest in metal today period.

Their song writing is thought-provoking, the music is heavy | dynamic and [a tad bit] progressive. The audio on the demo sounds great and is packaged equally impressive. This is a welcome change compared to the majority of packages (you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we receive at the Demolish HQ).

Honestly, I cannot figure out why they aren’t signed to a label yet. Come onA&R guys get your heads outta’ your ass please.

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I receive hundreds of demos at the Demolish HQ every year and most of them are less than stellar!

One hates to sound negative like that and or put it that way, but it’s true. Some of these demos are mere band rehearsals, some are “live”, some sound like a 10th generation cassette copy (and some might be just that -ed), but luckily the top 25% I would say are recorded quite well and even look like a real-deal “finished product”.

Enter Demolition Hammer.

These thrash dogs are from New York and what a treat for your ears! Each song unfolds more and more layers of crisp and tasty riffs. I kept thinking, OK when is it going to bomb-out and or throw me into the “disinterested” mood which would in turn prompt a swift ejection and placement into the “crap” pile. Well, I am happy to report that never happened! As a matter of fact I listened to this demo, which is called “Necrology” from start to finish and my ears were thanking me for the extreme pleasure their music provided.


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LADY SABRE – Let Her Slay You (Demolish Mag. 1988)

By Kinger

Sandra Thomas (pic© W.Glass)

It was at this time last year (Dec. 1987) when I first heard the group called LADY SABRE. They sent me a demo cassette with over twenty(!) of their melodic, hard-rock original songs on it that just oozed with mounds of talent and potential. They have sent their tapes all over the world and have gained a large, positive response to their music and in turn have managed to gain generous amounts of radio airplay and various articles and features in many magazines.

Since the “buzz” was so BIG on this Florida band throughout 87′ -they decided to go back into the studio (their own studio by the way, that they simply call “The Dungeon” -ed) and record an albums worth of new material.

This tape was released as an “official demo” to generate interest among record labels and the result of this is an admirably packaged ten track affair entitled “Under a Strange Spell”.

“There is something for everyone on this tape.This is the tape that we send to our fans and we ask them to write back and let us know which songs they like the best. The same five songs are mentioned every time” added Sandra.


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Although originating from the U.S. (Midwest), Demolish Metal Fanzine always takes pride in being an international fanzine as opposed to only covering a “local scene” and or just a single genre or style. Some of the first material I received for review was a great band from Sweden called OVERHEAT. One of my Metal friends’ always raves about these guys and upon hearing their latest demos I can certainly see why! One of their founding members (Janne) is a fellow “pen pal” of mine and we trade lots of rare tapes and such, so when it came time to figure out who to compile my first blog post on, it was a no-brainer.


The Band:

Gernot Iverson : Lead Vocals

Janne Stark: Lead Guitar

Pelle Thuresson: Bass

Paul Gustavsson: Drums

The Story (from their bio):

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