Demolish Asks #2: 80’s Metal Poll – What Makes A Good Song?

Musical notes*Are you a lyric person and know each and every word to your favorite Metal song(s)? Are you mainly into the music (like me) and enjoy the grooves, power or riffing throughout? Or perhaps you are just a casual listener and just like listening to the music “as a whole” and do not go off the deep-end analyzing your tuneage! Which ever type you are, do you ever think about what the musicians in your favorite bands thought? Yes, no…maybe?

I do and I thought it would be interesting to “get inside” the head of the bands that I spoke to during Demolish interviews and or the various musicians we hung out with backstage or on their tour bus, you know – to find out what makes them tick and to see what they think makes a good song. Remember these guys are music fans too.

Who are these clowns?

Who are these clowns?

For my curiosity I decided to pose the question [What Makes A Good Song] to a wide selection of bands (you might even notice a certain Canadian band member filling out the “official” Demolish questionnaire in a pic below)!

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