Steve Miller Band [Relic]

scan of orig. folder

As I dig through the Vaults of Demolish Magazine I often run across various memorabilia of my pre-teen and teenage years when I listened to all things hard rock and “classic” rock. Thanks to my parents who had music on all the time, I was able to get a few decent records [and many 45 RPM’s] and play them on the family stereo system. Of course, what the family listened to and what I like varied greatly.

For example: I wanted to hear KISS and they were playing George Jones! I wanted to put in my Foghat or Nazareth 8-track tape and they wanted to listen to Hank Williams [Sr. that is—not Jr.]. Haha.

The battle raged on for many years until one day a pair of headphones appeared. When I say headphones, I mean the old-school type—read GIGANTIC! I was so little when I used those I looked like I was in the cockpit of a 747 jet or the [upcoming] NASA space shuttle perhaps.

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