In this section I will try to list the dedicated peeps who were nice enough to take time out of their busy lives and contribute in their own unique way. This list is in no special order or anything and if I leave you out then please understand that it was not on purpose and I will surely update as needed. It has been over 20 years ya’ know!

Curt and Metal Mom 2011

Special Thanks:

Mom and Dad for putting up with me during this time frame and helping me out in so many ways that it’s impossible to keep track off. You guys are the best!

Joe St. Laurent (Joe’s Imports WA.) without Joe most of these record labels, managers and bands would probably not have given me the time-of-day. Thanks for all your help, info and guidance + support to even attempt something like this  (esp. only being 20 years old)

Karl B. for stepping in and trying to get the rocket off the ground. I do appreciate your time and effort spent even though it did not work out in the long run.

Curt Reinitz for the cool “wrecking ball” logo. I did manage to get that on a few sweatshirts.

All the worldwide fanzines and magazines out there that shared their contacts with me, traded ads and supported the scene by actually publishing their respected “rag”! I will eventually make a special section (see below) devoted to all of you – don’t worry I did not forget about you and the mark you made in the world.

Joe Smith (ex-Cornucopia of Death/Nine Stitches,/Mayor Frank etc.) and Tony Cariota from WVJC’s Monday Night Metal 89.1 FM for supporting local bands and underground indie metal.

Greg Armstrong (ex-Inverted Nipples, Kuru-Ama,Tweezer etc.) WVJC 89.1. Thanks for all of the fun times, concerts and jamming in those bands.

WUEV’s 91.5 FM Tuesday Night Metal Show. Another fine Indiana college radio station who played all things metal and hard rock etc. Here’s to the “Heavy Metal Express” show.

Mike “Mello” Richardson (ex-VICE) for being a good metal buddy and for hanging out, trading tapes and for letting me bang on the drums with VICE (even though I couldn’t really play at that time yet)!

Scott F. (ex-SLEEPY TRIP, OTHER PEOPLE) for helping out with the magazine reviews and for encouraging me to bang thy drums. I cherish all of the various Mini-Mall and & basement jam sessions!

Tim Humston (ex-SLEEPY TIP) for writing reviews for the magazine. Also thanks for all of the fun times in M.V. and B.G. (and for rescuing me there).

Michael Peerman for the many, many trips to Bogart’s in Cinci (Ohio)! Man did we see some killer shows or what?

Patrick McCarty for being a true metal warrior and keeping the faith after all of these years! And for having/sharing such a voracious appetite for metal/heavy music. I am glad you still have all of those cassettes I labored over in order to get you the latest jamz!

Troy Pence for all of the support and friendship over the years. Thanks again for stuffing all of those letters and envelopes to get the word out!


DEMOLISH Staff Writers:

Kinger (yours truly), Philip Cerreta Jr., Scott F., Steve Fulton & Mike Cervantes.


Contributing Writers:

Ronny Eide, Greg Armstrong, Chris Orloski, Steve Murphy, Andy TerHaar, Bart Kamp, Sott Heller, Nicola D’ Almelio, Tim Humston, James Kidwell, Chris Warren, Steve Murphy, Neil Schroeder & Phil Caine & Don Guise.


Contributing Photographers

Bart Kamp (Holland), Ira Rosenson, Marty Sosnowski, Claudia, Jun, Esben Slot Sorenson, Wendy & Kat, Chris Metz, Jerry Garnsey, Stephane Schipper, Curtis King, Michael De Coene (Netherlands) and Ross Halfin.



Wyman “Whiplash” Therber (Perry Co. Metal Mob), John King, Mark (P-Man) Peerman, Mark Mantel, Rodney Guthrie, Terry Ledbetter, Sherri Rosaldo, Lenny Head, Laura Givens, Brian McCutchion (logo is killer), Pam Eger, Jason (The Colonel) Colon, Val Shaffer (Dark Haven), Billy Lewis, Lenny Head, Daphne Woodley, Earl Kramer, Jim Hines, Bob Yost,Yuki Hirano (Japanese pen pal), Mike Gunner, Kim Lamonica (mega thanks for that book), Bobby (Sgt. Rock) Greene, Brenda Cervantes, Jay & Ryan (@ Mother Earths), Joey (The G Man), Missy Broyles, Tracy Masuda (Hawaii), Lynn Mahoney, Dena Garrett, Jeff Mann, Jeff Jenkins,Randy & Melody King, Pat Prince (Powerline/Metal Forces), Jeff Kitts (ex-Cutthroat/Metal Mania), Kim Lamonica, Ray Liptak (Metal America), Leece Lee (ex-Aardschok Mag.), Shelly Hammer (ex-Z-Rock), Matt O’ Shaunessy (WRTN Midnight Metal), Ron Quintana (Metal Mania/KUSF), Bob Muldowney (ex-Kick Ass), Jon Sutherland, Montee Conner, Borivoj Krgin, Don Guise (Facemelt), Ralph Graupner, Lorraine Nottage (UK), Margaret Nowakowsha (Poland), Karen Brauns (Blastfurnace), Harle Ludovic (France), Umlatta Phord (Suck City), Yohta Takahashi (Japan), Greta Tate (Metal for Melbourne/Australia), Ian Head (Scotland) Larsson (Phantom/Sweden) & Steve Danyo (Kinetic Dissent), John Stephans, Patrick Wannigen, Steve (from Canada), John Brown, Jamie Lynn, Marissa Edward (our lovely little model), Gene Hoglan – DARK ANGEL (how are those Camco’s holding up!), Thomas H. (W. German), Elisey (Lima), Alex (Deathrage), Jun Kokubo (Messiah Death), Animal (Belgium), Derek Wills, Lesme “Lee” Avalos,  &  John Cell.


Thanks to the following bands, labels etc. who either donated promo material for the DEMOLISH Issue #1 contest (or promised too)…you know who you are:

Groovey Aardvark, Lady Sabre, Process Revealed, Sanctuary, Watchtower, Cremains, Attacker, Shock, Black Rose, Calderone, Venom, Oblivion, I.N.C., Lethal, At War, Revelation, Necrophaigia (L.A.), Amulance, Malevolence, Kraze, Forced Entry, Overheat, Torrid Reign, Wrathchild, Brocas Helm, Ice Age, Bent Sirkis, Highlander, Dirty Virgin, Chemical Waste, Cyclone, Hellion (Ann Boleyn), Deadly Blessing, Dark Haven, Virus, Yog Sothots, Virgin Soldiers, Bitter End, Casbah, Kinetic Dissent, Rhett Forrestor, Only Child, ESP, Death, Ludichrist, Beholder, Decimation, Intruder, King Diamond, Roadrunner Records, New Renaissance Records & Rampage Records.


Thanks to the following Fanzines and Mag’s:

Mike Mosley (Heavy Demo Review), Wyman Therber (Metal Thunder), Ian Guy Lochead (Igneous Lead), Stephane (Profusion Zine), Richard (The Wild Rag), Chris Orloski (Gray Matter), Jake Wisely (Sheet Metal + Uncle Fester), Dave Brewer (Die Killing), Phil Caine (Loud UK), Phillip Freydefont (Metal Rendezvous France), John Sasaki (Music from the Underground), Rudiger Schmitz (Metal Warriors), Bart Kamp (Headbanger), Jim K. (Deathrash Mayhem), Kevin (Blitzsteele), Laurent (D.O.D. -(Decibel of Death), Randy Chase (Audio Overkill), Eliseo (Sepulchral Voice), Benny Geeraerts (Rubbish), Karen Braun (Blast Furnace), Mark (Uni-Force), Will (Unadulterated Metal), Mark Fenlon (Metal Alliance), Jeff (Metal Meltdown), Metal Mike (Metl Mike’s Live Wire), Boris Kadlicek (No Trend Press), Wendy Cywenski + Kat George (Demolition), Alex (Extreme Noize), Marcelo Ribeiro (Desaster), Alejandro Deretak (Metal Command), Alfonzo Jose’Forteza (Speed or Bleed), Scott Crawford (No Glam Fags), Andrew Grimes (Aaaarrghh), Starzo & Tweety (Predator), Jason Olcott (Blitzkrieg), Esben Slot Sorensen (Blackthorn), Robert Tarasiuk (Metallic Butcher), Bill Parker (Level 6), Ralph Klockow (Metal Warriors), Martin Carlsson (Megalomaniac), Laurent Merle (Pearldrop + USD), Paul R Rohskothen (Deadly Lacerations), Mick Burley (Chemical Warfare), Chris Panos (Sanctum Force HQ), TBC…


Demolish A.D. Thanks:

Chuck (from, Bill Hale, Tari Hale, Sarah Dunn, ECW Press, Mick Rowe, Alex Loveless (The Inevitable Nose Blog), Larry (Metal Odyssey Blog), Sean W. (The Metal Files Blog), Steven Angulo (Heavy Metal Addiction Blog), Allyson (Bring Back Glam), Moosejuice (The Sonic Abyss Blog), Tim Bushong (Rox Sedan), Panjo (Thrash Metal Invasion), Brad Wireman, Brian Rademacher (Rock Eyes),Bruce Cook (Gonzo Geek), BS Angel, JD (Classic Thrash), Cody Plucker (All Metal Resource), Colin Starner (Renrats-metal-bazaar blog), Craig Medico (Gears of Rock), Dale Pezer (Croatia), Scott F., Sherri Rosaldo, Pat McCarty, Daniel Dulude, Dave (Demo Archives), Will (Blood and Shutter Blog), D.Phillips, Scott (Dr.Music/Chicago), Emil Ohman (Strappado Blog), Etan Rosenbloom, Finn (Metal Inquisition Blog), Tanja (Flotsam & Jetsam), Free Metal Albums Blog, Vince (The Musics Over Blog), Guillermo Rascon (Loud Reviews), Janne Stark (Overdrive Sweden), Hugo Caldeira (My Gallery of Metal Blog), Wolfgang Rott (CMM), Lockjaw (Yappy UK Blog), Dan (The Corroseum Blog), Cosmo Lee (Invisible Oranges), Joe Smith Jr. (Joe’s Records), Jelle Janson (Kiss Related Recordings Site), Josh Kampschmidt (Revolver), Ken Pierce (Piercing Metal), Kurt Morgan Skjaeringrud (Heart of Metal), Lee Davey (, Stefan Wille (, Mark Gvero, Mark McKinney, Martin Mason, Lenny Head, Neal Schroeder, Martin Popoff, Kat (Metal Church Music), Metal Tim (Brave Words), Chris (Metal Core Fanzine), Justin (Metal Excess), “Pastor Brad”, Pat Prince (Powerline A.D. Blog), Rob Rockitt (Hard Rock Hideout), Sam Justice, Mark Figurel, All the Indiana “Band-Nutters”,  Bob Becker (Amulet), Clif Hill (Amulet), George Cumbee Jr. (Audio Creations),  Kevin Book (BSR/Chet etc.), Adem Tepedelen (Test Your Metal Blog), Alex Gernandt, Mike Turbé, Barry Murphy, Bill Meis (E1), Bjorn Hinzpeter, Brian Heaton, Chad Bowar, Brian Rademacher,  Dan Davis, Daniel Dulude, Dr. Music, Finn McKenty (Metal Inquisition), Five in Tokyo Blog, Sean (Sanctuary), Hugo Caldeira, Ideophony Labs, Jimmy Ennis (New York), Josh Kampschmidt, Keavin Wiggins,  Lilah Gael, Lisa Powers, Maria Picasso, Mark Rhoads, Martin Popoff, Mass Movement Mag., Michael Wagener, Nick Hamilton, Nico Wobben, Phil Vanderkill, Fallen Angels, Richard Christy, Rob Rockitt, Robert Fecik, Scott McManus, Tom Trakas, Trajan Dogny, Mark Rudolph (Decibel) & all of my family, friends and new Demolish readers all over the world.


Mark Rudolph Illustration

Demolish A.D. Logo: Mark Rudolph