w/fav. Slayer shirt 87’pic©

This is a “fan boy” section where I will post pictures and misc. memorabilia from the 80’s that pertained to my rock/metal roots. This section is updated often, so please check back from time-to-time as I dig through more of my memorabilia. You might want to subscribe to the comments and I will send out a note when I post new goodies.

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Now with that out of the way…on to the cool stuff!


Here is a pic I took of my little cousin wearing the official DEMOLISH sweatshirt (but as a dress)! I spiked her hair for her as well. I miss all the big hair chic’s!

Model is Marissa Edward©


Sub Pop Ad for Soundgarden in ’87

*I think this came from Seattle’s music paper called The Rocket. Ah’ the Sub Pop days….did Grunge Music kill Metal?


Demo for a local high school band©

I ended up stealing their guitar player to jam and eventually formed SLEEPY TRIP.


Recently found this KISS tattoo!

*Yes, a still-intact original Kiss tattoo from the KISS Alive II LP

Another great live KISS LP!

*Of course this was on regular rotation when it was released in 1977! I wish I still had the  full color booklet (see below) that was packaged with it!

Booklet that was also inside KISS Alive II


1st DEMOLISH ad for fanzines & promo

*Gee, that looks pretty crappy now! We only had IBM typewriters + xerox copy machines then…


Newspaper ad for Sunday Night local live venue called Kramer’s. pic©Kramers


Rare NY press photo (from the above ad) pic©

Scroll down for more on New York!

*This is where I “cut my teeth” for all things rock n’ roll, hard rock and metal. Kramer’s was an amusement park/lake by day and sleazy rock joint by Sunday evening.

Thanks to Tim Bushong for this gem! ©

*several of my buddies are in this rockin’ crowd pic.


Got to see lots of good bands such as NEW YORK & BUSTER BROWN (who’s singer, Johnny Edwards went on to sing with Montrose, King Cobra, Northrup, Royal Jelly and Foreigner). Their drummer James Kottak went on to play with Kingdom Come and is still rockin’ with the Scorpions! Nice work James.

BUSTER BROWN – “Sign of Victory” era©

Listen to the track: “Bounty Hunter” from Sign of Victory (1985)


Listen to a rare/unreleased demo track: “Flesh & Blood” (circa’ 83’/84′)


“Loud and Clear” era 1984 pic©

*one of the best bands to never get a major label deal! Why, I dunno…insane.


Listen to a track from the Loud & Clear LP: “Days Across the Nile” (1984)


A. Phelps pic©

*Watch “Loud and Clear” from the Buster Brown LP in 1984!


*This is a great live clip from when Johnny was in FOREIGNER.

“Ready for the Rain” is a cool song!_

Other noteworthy bands who played at Kramer’s:

after they added “America” to the name. pic ©

Why on Earth, Mach (a local Evansville favorite), Moonrocker and Arch Rival from Ohio, but the best was WRATHCHILD. This was long before they had to change their name to WRATHCHILD AMERICA because of the UK glam boyz  band with the same name. Anyway these guys tore it up! Check out my special feature post on Wrathchild here (finally unearthed & published after 22 years).

BTW their drummer Shannon Larkin went on to join Ugly Kid Joe with some mild success and is now bangin’ skins for Godsmack. Yes, he was THAT good and very entertaining to watch -even back then!

*Listen to “Candy From A Madman” from their 87′ demo.

*Listen to “Slave to My Dick” (Subhumans cover) Live @ Kramer’s (Evansville, IN.) 3-19-1988

Check out the “Climbing the Walls” video clip – excellent! esp. the middle breakdown…”blues mosh” part!


Watch their super-rare clip for “Surrounded by Idiots”. Did MTV ever play this vid.?


Why On Earth band 1985 pic©

Why On Earth from Indy. pic ©

*These guys were lucky enough to land the opening spot for Accept & Iron Maiden at Mesker!

*Have a listen to the catchy “Sex City” track.


ROX SEDAN from Northern Indiana were yet another quality act! Their demo tape proved that they could rock with the best of the Cali bands back then (Dokken, Ratt, Motley Crue etc.)

Late 80’s promo pic©

*Check out the rockin’ “Better off Dead” track

Remember the Rainbow on the wall @ Kramers?


ARCH RIVAL from Dayton, Ohio was another great Midwest Metal band. I thought for sure they were going to “make it” with their original brand of melodic/powerful metal.

Arch Rival – pic ©

*Have a listen to their title track “God Bless America”

Their 1st (EP) 86′

Watch an older live video clip for “Rock the Night Away”


While we are on the topic of Ohio and the greater Midwest Area. I might as well toss in David T. Chastain (ex-SPIKE) –one of the best shredders to ever come out of this area!

C.J.S.S. from Ohio pic ©

*listen to a live/demo track called “World Gone Mad” from 1985.

CJSS was formed by guitar wizard David T. Chastain during early 1984 with two other members of the band Spike, drummer Les Sharp and bassist Mike Skimmerhorn, and vocalist Russell Jinkens who had gained fame for his stint in local Cincinnati cover band Prizoner.

C.J.S.S. Live at Bogart’s pic ©

*Michael Harris from ARCH RIVAL (see above) also played with Chastain in several incarnations as well.

*Pay attention all of you “shredder” wanna-bees!


press photo©

*Old school promo pic…These boys knew how to rock!

*Rockin’ an outdoor event in Cinci, Ohio w/around 10K fans.


My favorite local band has to be AMULET. I respect these guys because they concentrated on originals as opposed to just being another “local garage/club cover band”.

Rare early 80’s AMULET gig photo – pic ©

*Have a listen to their great track “Just Like A Woman”

Founded in Evansville, IN. in the autumn of 1978, Amulet was a hard rockin’ quartet. The band was comprised of singer Cliff Hill, guitarist Bob Becker, bassist Paul Skelton, and drummer John Becker. “The band’s purpose from the beginning was to compose and perform its own music. The band began composing its material and blending it with cover material during live performances” added Bob Becker. By mid 1979 they had developed a repertoire they felt was worthy of recording for what would become their (self-produced) début album.

*Click to listen to “Life is Living”

Check out our full-length feature on these Midwest Favorites here!

Clif Hill- At Kramers Pic©

Very rare show flyer for Weslake.


Another talented Southern Indiana band who released a 4 song (EP) in 1982

  • Let the Band Play
  • She’s A Lady
  • Heartbreaker
  • Mine Tonight

*Stay tuned for a upcoming full feature on these guys!

I’ll bet you wish you still had your copy!

Thanks P-Man…

Yes – the original call tag and logo folks.

I was once instrumental in getting some “heavier” bands to play at Kramer’s (namely Wrathchild!). Another such band was: TYRANT’S REIGN from the great “Hoosier” State (Indiana).

Cover art for their début LP©


Kramer’s “Mini Shrine”  [Cont.]


There were lots of other bands that played @ Kramer’s during the 80’s (mostly cover bands). Here are a few more from memory: Maiden America, Victorian Blitz, Rox Sedan, Abby Normal, Hard Attak, Bad Manners,Talon, Chet & The Molesters, & Cody Lee.

Logo© Courtesy of Chuck over at

Guitarist Nick Hamilton Pic © Chet & The Molesters

*Have a listen to their excellent “Quiet Nights” track from their demo.

Kevin Book (Vox/Bass) Pic©

*Special thanks for the pics and demo Nick & Kevin!


Logo© from their business card!

*Check out this old MACH business card –it even survived a local house fire!


Gotta’ love the 80’s clothes! pic©

*special thanks to Doug over @ crackrabbit for this local artifact.


Other local bands played at FUNKY’S or NEON’S such as:

HOT ICE (w/Jeff Ennis & Dennis Kemper), STREETWALKER, SIDE-EFFEX and a 3T’s favorite: FRONTRUNNER. Another local band to play the ROSS (other than Stop the Car!) was ATTAK.

Dressed “to kill”

Their business card:

Love this comic! -thanks Chuck. art©


Speaking of comics…this was buried deep in the VAULTS

“Just let me rock”© comic I made! Long live SAXON…

Heavy Metal Chefs! Curt &Todd pic©

Kinger trying his hand at guitar! ©

Ha! check out that NEW YORK band t-shirt (yes, the same band from the Kramer’s Lake newspaper ad) from above.

*Special thanks to my “rocker mom” Wilma King for the above pic’s


Other Local Items :



Another underground Indiana band -cool name!

Left to right-

Scott Ridge(Drums), Andy Wonn(Kneeling -Lead Vocals), Louie Killion(GTR), Andy Wyant(Bass), Jeff Ennis(GTR)



NEW YORK (Tinkers Damm Productions 1984). They put out a indie record back in the day called “Carry the Torch” that is much sought after today. They were one of the best bands that played @ Kramer’s. They were from South Carolina.

*Click to listen to “Nite Flyer” by NEW YORK

Alternate album cover. Pic ©NY

I also have a very rare (unreleased) demo recording called “Electric Thunder” they did with ex-KISS drummer Eric Carr (R.I.P) @ Millbrook Studios.

This “new” sound direction had a more up-to-date production & songs that reminded me of early Y&T, Ratt, Dokken and Motley Crue. Enjoy!

Freddie Foster Bass Pick.  pic©

Listen to “Electric Thunder” (co-written by Eric Carr)

You can def. hear Eric Carr’s powerful “I Love it Loud” drum sound on this track. Crank it!

New York in the studio with Eric Carr! pic ©New York

*L-R  Paul Orofino (Producer),Freddie Foster, Jimmy Ennis, Eric Carr (KISS), Scott Mills  & Johnny Glover

Michael Constable’s autographed sticks pic©

*Michael was a great drummer, but Scott Mills (ex-Prizoner) was the drummer on these sessions.

Killer photo of Scott Mills (drums) pic©New York


New York – Wake up Michael (far left)! pic©NY

L – R: Michael Constable, Freddie Foster, Jimmy Ennis & Johnny Glover

*Special thanks to New York, Doug Vogel, Scott Mills and Marlene Ennis! You rock…


DARK HAVEN – Excellent Power Metal Circa ’86

Val Shaffer (Bass), Tim Hall (Guitar), Randy Bienhaus (Drums), Adrian Scott (Vox). Evansville, IN.


Even deeper in the Vaults!

All giddy after coming back from the 83′ QUIET RIOT show! pic©

*I need a ticket stub scan for this concert folks. Mine is currently M.I.A. -anybody still have theirs?

For more local E’ville concerts (that were held @ Robert’s Stadium or Mesker) check here


KISS Army Kiddo (KISS belt buckle not shown) pic©

Start-em’ young! Yes that is a skateboard necklace I’m wearing.


My KISS 25 X 12 “Gallery” (@ 10 years old)!pic©

*Boy o’ boy were my parents happy to see this “work-in-progress” when they came home that day!

The “full color” side. 1978 pic©

*Lots of thumb tacks and Scotch tape were used on that wall!

And of course, the black & white side. pic©

*Don’t ask why, other than every hallway has two sides!

The mad creator! pic©

*Notice the Peter Frampton pics that were added later!


My trusty stereo that supplied the jams!

*I had four tower speakers hooked up to this bad boy.


The Metal Years

With rare SANCTUARY t-shirt. Thanks Lenny!pic©


Got this cool shirt from Lenny Rutledge (Sanctuary guitarist) and pre-release demo right after Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) produced their début LP.

SANCTUARY was an excellent 80’s melodic power metal band from the Pacific Northwest!

I met up with Mr. Mustaine backstage at the Savatage, Megadeth and Dio show at the Nashville Municipal Coliseum Jan 19, 1988 in TN.

What a show!

I was so excited and happy to meet the band (as you can see from my young + naïve “red cheeks” below) but of course Dave had to be “Dave” and sneered at me for wearing that Sanctuary T-shirt. At the time, the album was not out yet and he was not sure how or why I had that! So, after I told him where I got it, he did not seem too interested after all, let alone hanging out for the scheduled interview!

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) + me 1988 pic©

Dave was such an ass that I decided to scrap the interview on the spot and proceeded to hang out with the rest of the Megadeth band and also Jon Oliva (Savatage singer) backstage…all of which were SUPER cool. The “Mega-breath” (as they used to call Dave -ed) interview was to be the special cover story but I ended up giving that to King Diamond, as he was very cool and seemed rather excited to be talking to another “King”, which is my last name.

Rare pic from Dave

Pick flipside

So as you can see, I was at one time a very young magazine editor that was able to rebound rather quickly and make the best of the situation!


Curt (me) with Jon Oliva of SAVATAGE! pic©


Jeff Young, ME & Dave Ellefson backstage pic©


*click to enlarge

Someone recently sent me this rare show flyer for the same Dio, Megadeth and Savatage show I attended. This was either right before or right after in Chicago.

Never too young for Metal! pic©

The funny pic below is of my friends little boy Aiden Pence, posing with one of my most valuable/treasured

Metal History Artifacts -an autographed KING DIAMOND poster. What’s rare about this piece is that it is an original “Abigail” promo poster from Roadrunner Records, however, he signed it in Cinci, Ohio (Bogart’s) when I met him for our special Demolish Mag. cover story + interview, but on his “Them” album tour the following year (stay tuned for this killer article Metal fans!).

So, knowing how rare this is, I finally bought a decent frame for it.

*I think I may have a couple of these posters if anyone out there wants to offer me something obscene for one! If so, get in touch here.

*Thanks to Chuck Gee and Daniel Phillips for contributing scans and names.

Keep checking back for more nuggets!


42 thoughts on “Vault

  1. wow, those are some funny pictures.

    I may have some for you to post.


  2. hey Sher – cool.

    *I was wondering when/if someone was going to leave any choice words for this lean n’ mean section! it’s lack of signal-to-noise ratio is probably due to the fact that the COMMENT box is at the end of the posts here in the PAGES section VS at the top left on the reg. POST pages.

    Perhaps that’s why they call this temp. “Chaos Theory”…

    yes, there are plenty of “blackmail” photos in here of me.

    send any metal pics you have. looking for more local stuff, esp. from Kramer’s Lake era.(the good stuff)
    …now that would be an interesting read, a book about that place.

    Demolish Castle

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  5. I love that post about the band New York, i had the Carry the Torch (ep) on vinyl until it was damaged in a house flood, is there any way i could get the ep in mp3 format from you, i’d gladly send some $$$ if it would help,
    let me know by e-mail,


  6. Cool pics, really nostalgic. Ah, the good old days.


    Love the matching Quiet Riot shirts.

  7. glad you likee!

    *keep checking back from time to time as I will be adding new bands.
    Up next: ROX SEDAN and the great Evansville band AMULET!

    Thanks for reading…


  8. WOW!! Talk about some memories. I was a regular at Kramer’s. Born & raised in Evansville so this is very cool. Turned a couple of buddies on to your site as well.

    I have the Amulet album on CD as well as in my I-Tunes if you need it.

    Thanks for the flashback!


  9. hi Jeff,
    glad you found my “hidden (vault) gem”. it started out with just a few funny pics and now
    it’s grown quite a bit larger and more important for the local area since last Dec.!

    *my goal is to round up as much stuff as I can find. So if you have anything from the tri-state area,
    as far as any memorabilia is concerned, esp. pic’s (i.e. Kramer’s, Mesker and Robert’s Stadium etc.) then please scan
    and send in.

    Can you think of any other local bands from 1980 – 1990? Or any clubs or venues?

    Thanks for the support and yeah, pass the word around and tell everyone to chime in with
    their memories!

    Check out this post too:

    Take care,

    Curt King

  10. I have saved almost every concert ticket I ever had. I will scan and send some gems forward. Being a musician my whole life , I’ve known a lot of band members throughout the years. My buddy & I were talking and several things came up. We remember seeing a couple of bands at Kramer’s such as “Talon” and “Streetwalker”. “Streetwalker” also played at a club called Neons on the eastside. Chet & the Molesters also played Neons as well as Hot Ice with Jeff Ennis & Dennis Kemper on Guitars.

    3T’s was also a club in town that had good music with a house band named “Frontrunner” that I remember being a little cheesy but had a great singer/guitarist. Funky’s of course was another club in Evansville that was instrumental to the music scene. Bands I remember playing there were Chet & the Molesters, Side Effex, Luna Sea, Rivercity Metal, Mach and I even remember seeing White Zombie back in the late 80’s.

    WOW, that was a great era in time for all of us ey???

    Talk to ya soon


  11. Hey Curt,

    you spell my “rocker” son’s name Aiden and lets give credit to the photographer as well, -the sweetest mom ever Wilma King (Curt’s mom, for those who don’t know)!

    She also probably suffers from tinnitus from the good jams!

    This site is looking awesome dude.

    Will try to get with you later.

    Troy P.

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  13. Hi. Just checked out your page 🙂 Thought you might be interested to know that New York has a page on Facebook.

  14. I played Kramers lake..My band was “ATTAK” long before Scott and those guys ripped off the spelling for hardattak..we also used to play the Ross theater all the time…
    I was there..lived it and survived..:)I also played at wallys

  15. thanks for the tip Amy.

    BTW what is the direct link please?
    I am not much of a Facebook fan.


  16. hey chuck!

    send some of those old school pics in from Kramer’s.

    sorry, I don’t remember ATTAK or HARD ATTAK at Kramer’s. Sounds like you guys both jammed though.

    Rock on and thanks for reading.


  17. got it. sorry about that.

    hey it’s the “Metal Thought” that counts. Now what’s with that “I Love Mom” t-shirt your kiddo is wearing in that KING DIAMOND pic?

    Laters, glad you like the site.

    Yes, let it be known in METAL LAND: Wilma King (my mom) rocks!

    How many 70 year olds do you know that would watch IRON MAIDEN Live After Death with you all the way through?

  18. I will always hold Buster Brown near and dear, but seeing Wrathchild‘s blow the lid off of Funky’s during their very first performance in Evansville on a sparsely attended Wednesday night was nothing less than AWESOME!

    They were THE hardest rocking band I’ve EVER seen at a bar, and remain so to this day..

  19. I saw Wrathchild in LA at the water’s club 1988..killer show…

  20. yes – those guys rocked! I also liked the heavier SOULS AT ZERO stuff they put out.

    I always thought they sounded like AC/DC and Metallica blended up with their own version of “power” metal.

    *I was the one who got them the Kramer’s gigs and thus all of the local stuff came flooding in.

    I have a full length interview + feature on them I am about to post soon.

    I am also going to put up some super rare early demos in the VAULT<a tonight.

    Rock on! -Thanks for the memories…

    Curt "Kinger"

  21. yes, yes WRATHCHILD were insanely good. Too bad they had to end up adding “America” to their last name (due to the glam band in the UK with the same name).

    Either way, I was shocked that they did not climb to the top when they finally got their (well-deserved) break and sign to a major record label.

    Hopefully you have their excellent studio albums:

    Climbin’ The Walls (1989)

    3-D (1991)

    *These are somewhat hard to find but WELL worth it Lilah.

    I am posting some more goodies in this “VAULT” section tonight…stay tuned.

    Curt “Kinger”

  22. Digging through the VAULTS again.

    Added pics from:

    New York

    And backstage goodies from:


    *also pic + demos and a live track from Wrathchild America!



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  24. Really cool pictures.

    I love New York, and I’ll cut to the chase.

    Is their anywhere to get the demo?

    I can’t find it anywhere.

    Really enjoyed the song Electric Thunder and now I want more!

  25. Thanks – glad you enjoyed the Vault.

    Keep checking back as that is a continual “work-in-progress” and I add to it pretty regularly.

    The NEW YORK demos are some of the most rare sought-after recordings out there.
    Since the band broke up and Eric Carr passed away – these never saw the light of day.

    It’s a shame too as they are light-years ahead of their “Carry the Torch” (EP) they released.

    I may be going to a NY “reunion” party later in the summer, let’s see what happens there – as I am working on a career-spanning
    feature with them and or otherwise my recordings are on lock-down.

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S. Fill out the “subscribe” form and it will keep you up-to-date on posts so you don’t miss that feature and or any others
    you may be interested in. If the interview/post does not materialize then I will probably post more streaming files.

  26. Found this website while looking for the band AMULET.

    The 80s pics are a scream!!

  27. Thanks for reading Steve. Yup there are some funny pics posted…

    Stay tuned for a rather in-depth/exclusive interview with AMULET!

    You will be impressed.

    Amulet LP cover

    Keep rockin’


  28. The Vault has been updated for all the local “die-hard’s” who are following this page.

    Check it out!

    Rock on…


  29. Rather nice place you’ve got here. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them.

    Julia H.

  30. VAULT update.

    Added info on early 80’s Southern Indiana band called LYNX. In the process of putting the pieces of the puzzle together for a special retrospective on them.

    Finally located the “missing” copy of the KC103 local “Home Cookin'” LP. It contained a lot of local bands on it and is super hard to find. We are digitizing the tracks now. Will add a few later.

    Still looking for the 2nd version of this, as well as the similar albums from FM rock station – WYER. Anybody have a copy in the attic?

    Found a original/rare show flyer for the DIO, MEGADETH and SAVATAGE tour that I attended. This was from Chicago and I saw them and got backstage in Nashville (either a few days before or after those shows).

    Much more to come as I haven’t even scratched the surface of all my material yet. The VAULTS are deep rock/metal fans.

    Rock on!

  31. I just stumbled over this via a Facebook post and saw some bands I remember playing with. Not to mention Rox Sedan pix I had long since forgotten about. What a great flashback for me Thanks a lot for providing this archive! I hope the other guys get to see it.

    Dave Loren
    Vocalist, Rox Sedan

  32. Wow this is so cool to run across.

    I was Kramer’s regular and my old band even played the Summer Jam 89′ “Furious Child” . I have a lot of the same ticket stubs and also have a few other promo photos of Wrathchild, Dark August, Talon, New York etc, Who knows I may even, Know you from back in those days (I knew a ton of people). Really brings back memories thank you.

    Do you remember Glass Hallow?

    Was a trip to see Dark Haven too, also a band called Heart Attack (?) I think sounded just like Queensryche. I was really good friends with the guys in Killing Time too. my old band did a few shows with them and C.O.D. back in 89’/90′.

    Do you remember the Forbidden /Sacred Reich show at Funky’s and also Damien. there too. I think they were with Wrathchild (not sure)…a long time ago.

    Sorry to ramble just brought back old memories, so – so cool!

    Thank U

    Mike Grossi

    [Former Guitarist, Furious Child]

  33. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome.

    I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart.

    This is really a great blog!

  34. this is all cool stuff to look at…

    i have a feeling that Buster Brown may not have made it because of their name. it makes me think of some old bar band or those brown shoes that were called Buster Browns,neither of which associates all that well with hard rock…but oh well

  35. Very cool ! So much to look at and remember.

    I first started going to Kramer’s in 1982 and one pretty good band that played there not mentioned called “Asher.” They had a female lead singer (not typical) and I think they were from Indy or Cinci?
    Had forgotten about The Ross until i saw this sight. In addition to “Stop the Car,” there was a decent cover band called “Fritz” that played there and the much hyped wanna be new wave “X-Men.”

    Around that time one of the most remarkable cover band feats of all time took place at the Ross when about ten days after the first advanced copy of Motley Crue’s “Shout of the Devil ” first appeared at Folz City Records. This Crue cover band, “BattleAxe?” performed the entire album from start to finish to a crowd of ten people and managed to somewhat rock. Those guys must have cut school and practiced non stop to get there.

    Remember that kick@ss Buster Brown single off their self titled album called “Ground Zero.” I live on the West Coast now but remember hearing that Kramer’s is now a christian church property? HA!, it take a bit of time to finally shout out the devils that still linger in those Sunday night winds….

    Thanks for this great site.

  36. Do you remember a band called Lezlie Thriller who played at Funky’s several times?

    I remember them mainly for their excellent lead guitarist and front man Ron “Rondo” DeBernadis. They put out one self titled album in 1986 which had a couple of decent songs on it but it really didn’t showcase their potential at all. There are a couple of clips of the album on YouTube.

    Sadly, Rondo passed away in a house fire a few years ago.

  37. Hi Laurent,

    Yes – thanks for sharing.

    Ive seen it and like /appreciate their print dedication!



  38. Great site man!

    Wished i would have saved more ‘archival’ material from my metal days and nights in the 80s and 90s.

    Am working on a drawing that references some of the local and regional bands we used to see in Cincinnati when we were growing up in the 80s.

    As you remarked here: Buster Brown, and Prizoner were two of those big bands playing Annie’s and Never on Sunday then. When I get this illustration finished will come back and share, in pencil stage now.

    Keep Rockin!

  39. I just discovered your page I know it’s about 10 years late but in case you are still around just wanted to let you know that I may have a few Flyers you might like to see. I was at Kramer’s Lake regular also and Mesker and all the other clubs

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