by C.Matthew King

Hit Parader’s off-shoot publication

So I am constantly digging through the VAULT over at the DEMOLISH HQ and I recently ran across a late 80’s magazine with the excellent band EXODUS on the cover. I don’t normally keep old magazines any more (although I certainly used too) so I wondered how and why this ancient publication was able to survive after all of these years. I guess  my “metal” subconscious told me to pull it out…so, without any hesitation, I set aside the mounds of paper and carefully yanked it out.

I started nonchalantly flipping through the pages and the first random page turn is none other than Sweden’s CANDLEMASS. Ah’ hah, good pick, as I love that band and their brand of slow-mo but heavy-as-hell  “Power” Metal. Moving on a few pages later…b*i*n*g*o, a NUCLEAR ASSAULT article—another great under rated band IMO. Flipping to page 47 though brings us a band called ACROPHET. Hmmmmn, I know ACROPHET is an underground Metal band from the greater Midwest Area known as Wisconsin, so that is cool right? Yes, well, OK I see, they must need a token unknown band or two to try to show some “underground Metal credibility.” But why?

*Is this the “Nastiest Magazine on Earth”?

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