[Heavy Metal] Fans Spoke: We Listened!

Due to our widely popular first post on Heavy Metal advertisements from the 80’s, we are back [by popular request] with another prime batch of Metal memorabilia for our fine readers out there in the blogosphere!

This go around however, we are featuring a rockin’ gallery of carefully selected [full-page] adverts from Europe. Most of these puppies are from around 82′ – 85′ and are mostly in black n’ white even. This was before the real explosion in U.S. Metal popularity, so I guess the labels were a bit reserved in the advertising department. You will see a lot of American bands featured in the ads. Stay tuned for an extra mini-post with some half page ads.

We hope you enjoy this trip [esp. since it took us almost two days to scan these -ed] down Metal lane. Please sound off via the comments field and let us know which ones are your favorites—I personally have too many favorites to name. But I guess if I had to spout off about one of em’ it would have to be the full-page ANTHRAX ad.

“Man, do they look young in this relic!” – Kinger

Live in TokyoOh yeah, check out the one for the VIDEO releases as well. That’s right fans, Metal was getting “hi-tech” back when this ad was placed. Peep the text, it says: Hi-Fi Stereo & VHS or BETA! I happen to own the Queensrÿche Live in Tokyo VHS and it jams.

It was filmed before they became overly “slick” or commercial—there was still some “grit” and aggressiveness to their sound during this excellent Japanese show. Too bad they have never released this one on DVD. Highly recommended.

I don’t recall if I ever got to watch the Scorpions or Helix vid. Probably not or I would remember.

*As a special bonus, I am also throwing in a very old Jimmy Page advert from the UK endorsing an old school Roland GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer (w/ midi even!).

Enjoy the gallery peeps…


*click any pic to enlarge or view gallery

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