Heavy Metal Wheel of Sex!

By Kinger

So who doesn’t enjoy a good “round” of sex?

Well, in my ongoing effort to bring you insightful and unusual items from the Demolish Vaults, I was able to pull this gem out of my bag-o-metal-relics! I found this hilarious backstage pic that I took many moons ago from Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio—which is still @ 2621 Vine Street oddly enough.

*Warning: please be advised this post + pic might contain some slightly lewd and or crude language for some readers [laughs].

Upon first viewing you might not be that impressed (me either -ed), but upon closer inspection the hushed giggles will probably begin to well up in your belly.

Feast your eyes on this work of art:

Pic© by Kinger/Demolish

Eat yer’ heart out Vanna White!

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