DEMOLISH Launches Contents of Issue #1 (1988)

Dear Metalheads,

We receive many emails every day from all over the world and really appreciate your feedback! We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our presence as an online “magazine.” In an effort to inform our die-hard fans, blog subscribers and casual onlookers of what lies ahead, I am posting this basic outline of what our original début [printed] issue looked like.

The outline below includes some of the main features and articles that we’ve managed to transcribe and post from our vaults. I want to thank everyone who has expressed renewed interest in all things 80’s Metal as the response has been quite overwhelming! We are glad to be able to offer these rare, unpublished interviews, reviews etc. for all the worldwide metal fans.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see anything in particular from this wonderful past era and or if you would like to contribute any stories, photos, reviews or memorabilia that is of historic value. Please notice we are also making current posts via the Demolish A.D. category [check right tab at the top] and we are thinking about resurrecting this fanzine in the near future. If this is something that interests you then please sound off and let us know. There’s plenty of new Metal to feature and the scene is very healthy at the moment.

I have received lots of emails of encouragement for all the unreleased 80’s material, which appears to be a niche that we seem to to fill very well. There are a lot of new blogs that like to write about what it was like back then, but they were not around (many not even born yet)…So – we will gladly continue with the rare stuff as we lived and breathed all things Hard Rock/Metal from the front lines!

  • My original goal is still in place and that is to keep posting all of my collection until my resources are exhausted and from the looks of things, it’s going to be a long, interesting ride. Buckle up!


*click any band logo below (to go directly to our featured interview when they are transcribed and uploaded).



Issue #1


KING DIAMOND“King to King” by Curt King

*was on the (color cover) and the main interview and article. one of the best interviews you will ever read – PERIOD!


LETHAL“The Arrival of LETHAL” by Scott F.

*Killer local Midwest Melodic Metal Band. Is the Midwest the original breeding ground for all things Metal?


INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND“I.N.C. Thrash-Forward with The Visitor” by Curt King

*Great East Coast Thrash Metal. Bring it on!


BRITNY FOX“Jersey Rockers Unleashed” by Curt King

*Just what the name says (yes we cover all styles of metal/rock etc.) and besides hot chick dig it!


FLOTSAM & JETSAM“Accelerating Upward” by Curt King

*Power/Thrash Metal at it’s finest from these Arizona natives. What else can we say?


THE CRUMBSUCKERS“CK Goes into Detail With Chris Notaro from the almighty “suckers”

*Top-Notch Metal/Hardcore crossover band from the East Coast area. Very under rated band IMO!


ROXX GANG“Poised for Success” by Curt King

*Hard Rock/Glam Metal from the sunny state of Florida. Oh well, so they didn’t officially “make it big”!


SANCTUARY“It’s Not Heaven Nor Hell, It’s… SANCTUARY” by Curt King

*Terrific Melodic power metal from the Pacific Northwest Region. Produced by Dave Mustaine. Excellent!


RAGE“Curt King chats with Peter Wagner, Chris Efthimiadis and Manny Schmidt about the new, slimmed RAGE”

*Classic German Power Metal meisters. Hard core Metallers never die!


AT WAR “Prepare for AT WAR’s Retaliatory Strike” by Curt King

*Underground Speed/Thrash Metal from Virginia. Who says the U.S. cannot produce Thrash/Power Metal?


WRATHCHILD (AMERICA)“The Wait Is Over” by Curt King

*American power metal/hard rock masters! Not the UK “glamsters.” F***** damn shame they broke up! Under rated.


QUEENSRYCHEGeoff Tate discuss Operation Mindcrime (this was a worldwide exclusive interview)


HEATHENOn tour and Breaking the Silence

VENOM – Life Without Mantas


SACRED REICH – Is Nothing Sacred?



OTHER Completed Interviews (which still need to be transcribed from cassette):





  • + many, many more.


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