30 Richest Drummers In The World

I ran across this online and thought it was rather interesting. I am not sure how accurate it is, but I am posting for your enjoyment or amusement.

There are a few drummers on there who really surprised me and a few that repulsed me!

Without further ado, here are the 30 Richest Drummers in the World!

  1. Ringo Starr: $300 Million

  2. Phil Collins: $250 Million

  3. Dave Grohl: $225 Million

  4. Don Henley: $200 Million

  5. Lars Ulrich: $175 Million

  6. Charlie Watts: $160 Million

  7. Larry Mullen Jr.: $150 Million

  8. Roger Taylor: $105 Million

  9. Joey Kramer: $100 Million

  10. Chad Smith: $90 Million

  11. Travis Barker: $85 Million

  12. Stewart Copeland: $80 Million

  13. Alex Van Halen: $75 Million

  14. Nick Mason: $75 Million

  15. Tommy Lee: $70 Million

  16. Bill Ward: $65 Million

  17. Jon Fishman: $60 Million

  18. Carter Beauford: $55 Million

  19. Rick Allen: $50 Million

  20. Tre Cool: $45 Million

  21. Danny Carey: $40 Million

  22. Tico Torres: $40 Million

  23. Max Weinberg: $35 Million

  24. Mickey Hart: $30 Million

  25. Bill Kreutzmann: $25 Million

  26. Neil Peart: $22 Million

  27. Taylor Hawkins: $20 Million

  28. Questlove: $16 Million

  29. Steven Adler: $15 Million

  30. Mick Fleetwood: $8.5 Million


*Source: Drum Mag.

GENE HOGLAN: Is an Industry now!

“King of the drums? Gene Hoglan…<—The guy is a total badass on the drums.” — The Metal Files Blog

I ran across the following info during my usual perusing of worthy Metal News that seems to arrive in my “in-box” every day. So, Gene Hoglan, the legend, the man, the myth is now an “industry”? Read on…

It appears that Gene decided to create and release a kick-ass DVD entitled “The Atomic Clock.”

The release of this might just be what the [drum] doctor ordered and or it might just put you out of your misery as well.

What do I mean by that?

You see, Gene’s skillz will either inspire the hell out of you or make you just give up and quit right there on the spot!

So beware, aspiring young future skinsmen – you have been forewarned…  

Here is a very brief FAQ for everyone’s short attention-span:

  • The trailer for his drum studio DVD is fast paced and informative.
  • According to the website: Gene Hoglan is “The Atomic Clock”…and the worlds fastest drummer?

*I’m  not so sure about all of that — and how could something as ridiculous as that be checked anyhow? Perhaps someone will make an “app for that” and host “The World’s Fastest Drum Off” in the future.

Until then, let’s just leave it at:

  • Gene is [one of my all-time fav.’s and] one of the most respected Metal drummers alive today!
  • In case you are wondering, the song in the vid. is by Gene’s band Mechanism, the title: I Love AC/DC.



  • Last but not least, once and for all:  Which damn pedals and beaters does Gene use?

“I use Camco Chaindrives (single chain) with Danmar wood beaters.” ~Gene H.


Hoglan Industries

Gene Hoglan – King of the Drums (The Metal Files)

*Now I want to go dig in the Vaults and find my [unreleased] interview with Gene from back in the day. BITD = the late 80’s youngsters, whippersnappers & modern Metal hipsters. Back when there was no such thing as a “blast” drum beat. It was simply the act of playing thy Metal drums with much skill + power — as it should be! Stay tuned…