DEMOLISH MAG. Posts Vintage Concert Ads!

by Kinger

Being a “Metal-Head” and growing up in the Midwest was interesting. Let me just focus the lens a bit, Midwest, meaning… Southern Indiana. And to most, that means kinda’ out in the middle-of-nowhere. Well, I have to admit that sometimes I felt the same way. I have lived in Chicago for over 15 years now and I am sure 99.9% of “Chicagoans” do not know that there are actually PEOPLE and TOWNS south of Indianapolis! And of course “Indy” (as it’s commonly referred to) probably only exists in their eyes because of the world-famous Indianapolis 500.

For starters, (way) more than half of the population listened to Country Music. Whether that be the “real” hardcore/old school twanger stuff like Hank Williams Sr. (not Hank Jr. or let alone Hank III), or more modern country (which is not really country to me per say, as it sounds more like commercial 80’s rock, except they throw on some cowboy hats and call it a day). There are also a few “bible-thumpers” in those parts (nothing against them), so naturally there are lots of gospel-flavored Country listeners and such as well. To get right down to it -all forms of Country & Western music are supported 24/7, 365 days a year.

Was there a “Metal scene” around there? Not really.

Yes of course there was (and still are) some great local bands but most of them settled on playing cover tunes and were satisfied to play all the many bars as opposed to working on their own original music. Since this post is about concert ads (or advertisements) I will not turn this into a Indiana 80’s Music Scene Report as I am sure one of those will be posted one day!


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