KISS – 8 Tracks located in Vaults!

I finally found them.

Some of the last known remaining artifacts of my aging (that’s surely an understatement -ed) thirty-four year old 8-track tape collection. My-o-my, how I loved them so. It’s been a great few weeks over at the Demolish HQ. First the mighty “Vault-Diggers” unearthed those super-rare Metal Chu-Bops and now five working KISS 8-tracks!

I still remember it like it was yesterday!

Enter 1976…I was such an [innocent] wee lad. I think that would make me right around nine years old and still in elementary school—fourth grade to be exact. I am not sure what you were listening to in elementary school but I don’t remember seeing any KISS t-shirts or other hard rock bands around my school in the fourth grade. Perhaps most were still learning their nursery rhymes and or reading their Dr. Seuss books!

I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back, man, was Gene Simmons a marketing genius or what! To be able to reach out to grade school kids and turn them onto Hard Rock and perhaps a dose of early Heavy Metal even! Whether we take our hats off or raise the [Metal] horns up—that was no small feat for the time. But then again, I guess that is in fact exactly how and why this was able to happen as the times were a lot different back in the 70’s now weren’t they?

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