4 Popular 80’s Metal VHS Tapes

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

To a time before Netflix, streaming media, You Tube, Blu-Ray and or even plain o’ DVD’s. An age + audience that did not have any such luxuries at their fingertips. No Google and or Wiki for instantaneous information on [literally] any band in the world! No i-Phones/smart phones, iPod’s or i-Pads either.

This would be the 80’s I am talking about ladies and gentleman, you know — back when the powers that be tried to lump everyone into some lame-ass tag called “Generation X.” I suppose some of you old dogs like me will be able to dust off the “b” cells and get some of those neurotransmitters working again to recall some of this…maybe not.

If so, I am sure you will treasure your memories of being able to see Hard Rock and Metal vid’s on MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball”. I know I do. Man, I couldn’t wait for Saturday night to roll around to watch that show! I would even set the VCR’s timer to record each weekly broadcast.

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