PEEP ALERT: 2 Metal Chu-Bops Found!

We’re going way back to 1980 for this one folks. I had actually forgotten all about these cool little items until one of my old school Metal buddies brought these to my attention recently. Thanks Patrick!

So what the heck is a “Chu-Bop”?

It’s a little 3″ square miniature bubble gum pack that was made to look like miniature record albums. Chu-Bops were made by a company called Amurol Products who were located outside of Chicago (in Naperville) IL.

If you were a kid in the 80’s (and were sick of collecting baseball cards perhaps) and were perusing the candy isle at your local store, then this would have caught your attention for sure. I know I chewed my fair share of those pink “mini-LP” shaped gum sticks. At age thirteen, I guess I really didn’t consider them “collectible” in the same way that I cherished my KISS card collection. BTW the gum was very similar to what you get inside the sports card packs during the same time frame.

Evidently nine series were produced from 1980 to 1983.

Here are a two examples:

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