KINETIC DISSENT – Controlled Reaction

demo dungeon logoby Kinger

kinetic_dissent_controlled_reaction-demoI’m just going to tell you right of the bat that this Georgia-based band, who are cleverly named Kinetic Dissent, are one of the best unsigned bands in the underground. Pretty bold statement huh? Well, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think they deserve it.

Controlled Reaction is the appointed name for their second demo and I seriously think it was one of the best demo tapes I’ve heard in all of ’88. Definitely top ten list. This congregation has managed to materialize four songs that are extremely impressive…to say the least. The songs Choose Your Fate, Cultured Illogic, 12 Angry Men and Faces of the Fallen are some of the finest in metal today period.

Their song writing is thought-provoking, the music is heavy | dynamic and [a tad bit] progressive. The audio on the demo sounds great and is packaged equally impressive. This is a welcome change compared to the majority of packages (you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we receive at the Demolish HQ).

Honestly, I cannot figure out why they aren’t signed to a label yet. Come onA&R guys get your heads outta’ your ass please.

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Monkey Mind MM1 [Humor]

Monkey Mind (alpha)

Does your favorite guitarist use one of these?


The World of Metal Genres (and Subgenres)


Remember when Rock used to be “rock”?

And when Hard Rock used to be music that was ‘harder’ than rock?

Heavy Metal (or just ‘Metal’) made its debut and was much more aggressive.

Then everything sped up and their was [very briefly] a tag called “Speed Metal.”

Then it splintered-off into all things “Thrash Metal”, “Death Metal.”

Some bands joined “Hardcore” music with Metal and it was labelled “Hardcore” or “Crossover.”

Then everything went “BLACK.”

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Blameshifter Stompbox

Perhaps your fellow band member or favorite musician uses one of these…haha!

For the non-musicians | guitarists: this is a “stomp box.” Clear as mud? Click here


Blameshifter (alpha)2





1.     assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.     “the inquiry blamed the engineer for the accident”


1.  responsibility for a fault or wrong.  “his players had to take the blame”

Eindhoven Metal Meeting

Another amazing Metal Fest and line up of bands (NOT in the U.S. though = of course!)

Pre-X-Mas party time…Metal style. \m/