Although originating from the U.S. (Midwest), Demolish Metal Fanzine always takes pride in being an international fanzine as opposed to only covering a “local scene” and or just a single genre or style. Some of the first material I received for review was a great band from Sweden called OVERHEAT. One of my Metal friends’ always raves about these guys and upon hearing their latest demos I can certainly see why! One of their founding members (Janne) is a fellow “pen pal” of mine and we trade lots of rare tapes and such, so when it came time to figure out who to compile my first blog post on, it was a no-brainer.


The Band:

Gernot Iverson : Lead Vocals

Janne Stark: Lead Guitar

Pelle Thuresson: Bass

Paul Gustavsson: Drums

The Story (from their bio):

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