Part III Top 25 of 1988: DEMOLISH Staff (Mike Cervantes)

Here is the 3rd Top 25 of 1988 list.

This time from main staff reviewer extraordinaire:  Mike Cervantes

I have had the pleasure in knowing that DEMOLISH was able to secure Mike’s “metal-enthusiasm” for so many great reviews and we are happy to be able to turn him loose on some key album and demo reviews. Mike is a true metal fan at heart!


25. VIO-LENCE – Eternal Nightmare

24. TOXIK – World Circus

23. FLOTSAM & JETSAM – No Place for Disgrace

22. CORONER – Punishment for Decadence

21. WRATH – Fit of Anger

20. LIEGE LORD – Master Control

19. SLAYER – South of Heaven

18. METALLICA – …And Justice for All

17. CANDLEMASS – Ancient Dreams

16. FORBIDDEN – Forbidden Evil

15. HELSTAR – A Distant Thunder

14. INTRINSIC – Intrinsic

13. TESTAMENT – The New Order

12.  SABBAT – History of A Time to Come

11. QUEENSRYCHE – Operation: Mindcrime

10. RIOT – Thundersteel

09. CANDLEMASS – Nightfall

*[Technically I think this was released in 1987 -ed]


07. STEEL VENGEANCE – Prisoners

06. SACRED REICH – Surf Nicaragua (EP)

05. OVER KILL – Under the Influence

04. DEATH ANGEL – Frolic Through the Park

03. MELIAH RAGE – Kill to Survive

02. HERETIC – Breaking point

01. HADES – If At First You Don’t Succeed


Honorable Mention:


  • RAGE



*in order to transport you directly back to 1988 we will continue to keep the language in the posts “present tense” even though this is 2009.

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2 thoughts on “Part III Top 25 of 1988: DEMOLISH Staff (Mike Cervantes)

  1. Ha! Looking back now I must commend Mike for several great releases that should’ve made it into mine now:

    SABBAT, CORONER, WRATH, MELIAH RAGE and HERETIC are all favorites of mine (yes, still!)…I think I would def. slide METALLICA down the list much farther! 😉

    Curt King

  2. Thanx for all the kind words Curt!

    Still jammin the metal, always will.

    Although metal is alive and well in the present, it seems unlikely it could ever catch the spirit and passion we all felt in the 80’s.

    No disrespect to all the Metal heads today.

    We’z old guys had a bond of blood, sweat, tears and perhaps a beer or two! LOL!

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