New PRONG – Carved Into Stone

Kick-ass new material from the PRONG camp.

I’ve always been a pretty firm believer in their music over the years. Some LP’s are better than others, some more “metal” than others, but they are always well-produced and arranged tightly (whether you like the specific direction of each release or not). Carved Into Stone is no exception; in fact I feel this is a perfect blend of older Prong [not counting their first 2 albums] and Prong 2012.

Grinding guitars | Trademark Vox  | Powerful production  | Fists in the air good time!

Check out a sample below: called Keep On Living In Pain

Thanks to Tommy Victor for holding down the fort all these years and for being a musical inspiration for countless bands (I think Prong has influenced way more bands than they get credit for). Tommy is a very underrated guitarist IMO as well. Despite relative lack of widespread success, this dude is super creative, solid and brings it consistently; going on three decades now!  And not to mention he sings and plays guitar live.

Very few bands out there [Metal or not] truly have a sound they can call their “own.” When you hear their music, it’s unmistakably Prong.  He should be very proud of that.

The track listing for “Carved Into Stone” is as follows:

1. Eternal Heat
2. Keep on Living in Pain
3. Ammunition
4. Revenge … Best Served Cold
5. State of Rebellion
6. Put Myself to Sleep
7. List of Grievances
8. Carved Into Stone
9. Subtract
10. Path of Least Resistance
11. Reinvestigate

*Produced by Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die).

Official PRONG video clip for “Revenge…Best Served Cold”.

New album “Carved Into Stone” OUT NOW!
(Long Branch Records/SPV)

Buy or Die!

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