DeathPop Club: Devil’s Logo Gallery

by Kinger

I know this has been around for a minute, but I thought it was a very clever and creative Metal Moment (by today’s A.D.D. standards at least).

Enter the DeathPop Club, which is a [Watercolor and Pen] recontextualization for a few pop groups who allegedly make/made the devil’s music.

It appears there is a Dirty Black and White xerox ‘zine of the logos in the works due to the recent popularity and blogger love.

According to creator Mark Hall-Patch, “it will include some extra little fan club bonuses, with a projected release date – early New Year [2012].

*Make sure you peep Mark’s work on the site, as there are many kick-ass works on display, including: illustrations, graphic work, cartoons, mix-tape journals and video work.

P.S. I wonder what the pop stars would think of this? I like the “Bieber” logo spoof the best. Maybe Justin Bieber is a closet Slayer fan after all. Or better yet, I’d like to see Kerry King’s [not my uncle – ed] face or Mr. Araya’s reaction to the borrowing of their “devilish” logo.  Digital [visual] remixing is all the rage these days so I am sure they would be good sports and spot the comedic irony here.

P.S.S. The LADY GAGA and COLDPLAY renditions are pretty funny too. Enjoy!


Click on any image to view the slide show. Use arrows to navigate or Esc.

One thought on “DeathPop Club: Devil’s Logo Gallery

  1. Fun stuff Kinger… we all need a good laugh now and again, especially during these “lip sync mainstream times”… LOL!

    Rock Steady \m/

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