Death to All Tour 2012


Sick Drummer Magazine/Grind Percussion LLC and Perseverance Holdings Ltd. introduce DEATH TO ALL 2012 – In benefit of Sweet Relief. This 5 city tour will feature a majority of DEATH’s amazing musicians, as well as special guests. This tour is to celebrate the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, as well as to raise awareness of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund – a charity that provides financial assistance to career musicians faced with illness, disability or age-related problems.

This benefit for Sweet Relief is a gathering of some of the best talent in the Death metal genre. Featuring such legendary musicians as:

  • Gene Hoglan
  • Sean Reinert
  • Steve DiGiorgio
  • Scott Clendenin
  • Paul Masvidal
  • Shannon Hamm
  • Bobby Koelble

With a vocal assault from Steffen Kummerer and Charles Elliott. These shows will pay homage to their roots and celebrate music with the fans, even some who have been behind them for decades.

The drums on DEATH TO ALL 2012 will be handled by Gene Hoglan (Individual Thought Patterns/Symbolic) and Sean Reinert (Human). On bass will be Steve DiGiorgio (Human/Individual Thought Patterns) and Scott Clendenin (The Sound of Perseverance). Guitar duties will be shared by Paul Masvidal (Human), Shannon Hamm (The Sound of Perseverance) and Bobby Koelble (Symbolic).
The vocal duties will be shared by Steffen Kummerer of Obscura and Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn/Bereft. Both Steffen and Charles are amazing guitarists, so that will also add to the overall experience of this tour!


6/22/2012 – The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
6/23/2012 – House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA
6/26/2012 – House of Blues – Chicago, IL
6/28/2012 – Irving Plaza – NYC, NY
6/30/2012 – The Beacham – Orlando, FL
7/01/2012 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA  <–Postponed!
7/03/2012 – House of Blues – Dallas, TX <–Postponed!

*Fans (and ticket holders – all 10 of you in Texas and Georgia) please note:

“It is with regret that we have to postpone the Atlanta and Dallas dates for Death To All 2012, but there is a good side. Many things have led us to this point including very low ticket sales, issues with opening bands being available and several other factors. We are very sorry to all the DEATH fans this has caused an inconvenience and wish things could have been different. We did everything in our power to avoid this situation, but in the end the choice had to be made. The good news is that we are working to re-schedule these dates for early next year, and if possible, add more dates surrounding them in new cities! Please hold on to your tickets, as they will be honored.”

It’s ironic that while promoting a tour to help Sweet Relief (a foundation that helps musicians in times of need), that one of the musicians on this DEATH TO ALL tour finds themselves with a health issue. Sean Reinert suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon while training for the tour a couple of weeks ago. He has had the necessary surgery and has started rehabilitation. Sean will remain a drummer on the tour, but to what extent depends on his progress. We are fortunate enough to have Gene Hoglan and tour drum-tech Danny Walker (Intronaut/Exhumed) on the team to help make the most of the situation.

From Sean: “This is a horrible injury, the pain has been off the charts but I think it’s meant to be. I think the grand plan here is to use this as an example for a reason to raise awareness & have an outlet for musicians in need. Although I am devastated that I can’t perform at 110% I am grateful that my injury is a minor one (one that will heal over time) and still allows me to be a part if this wonderful tour and cause.”

There will be guest appearances in each city and some cities may have more than one surprise in store. You never know when or where these guests will be showing up, but you can expect to be seeing the following musicians somewhere on the tour: Richard Christy of Charred Walls of The Damned (ex-DEATH), Alex Skolnick and Chuck Billy of Testament, Paul Ryan of Origin, Craig Locicero of Forbidden, Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, Trevor Strnad and Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder and Emil Werstler of Daath/Chimaira.


Death To All

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  1. They should take this tour to europe and skandinavia and they will have high tickets sales.

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