NEW BAND: KXM – George Lynch (Dokken), Doug Pinnick (Kings X) Ray Luzier (Korn)

I was pretty stoked to see this interesting lineup. Special thanks to my Metal buddy Pat for sharing this with me.

In this introductory trailer the band describes how they came together, the meaning behind the name “KXM” and give us a glimpse into their stellar songwriting ability as they perform the song “Gun Fight” from their upcoming full length release (title/release date TBA) on RatPak Records.

I’ve always been a King’s X and George Lynch/Dokken fan, not-so-much Korn, but I do like Ray’s drumming and interesting beats. Being hailed [of course] as a “super group” by their label and the usual marketing machines, I was skeptical at first as many such groups fail to deliver when they are performing outside of their main band. As they say, it “looks good on paper” but sometimes the chemistry is just not there when high-caliber players get together to actually make some music. I have to report though that is not the case here and I loved what I heard.

I’ll let you be the judge – check out the video and support KXM when this is finally released. With your support then more cool projects like this can see the light of day. There are hundreds of great musicians out there [many playing “behind-the-scenes”] who could use a break or to step back in the spotlight so they can shine once again.

KXM in the studio

KXM in the studio

Formed in early 2013, the band consists of Ray Luzier (KORN) on drums, Doug Pinnick (KING’S X) on bass and vocals, and guitarist George Lynch (LYNCH MOB/T&N/DOKKEN) on guitar.

“I’ve been a huge King’s X fan since the early ’90s, I’d even fly to other states just to catch a show! I got to be friends with Dug through the years; I’d invite him to David Lee Roth and Army of Anyone shows, and he’d invite me to King’s X shows.” ~Ray Luzier

For all the latest updates please visit the KXM official Facebook page:

Trailer produced by: Sébastien Paquet

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