Did Obama channel Jimi Hendrix?

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

I know this is a little over a month old, but I do not follow politics too much and when I stumbled across this one, I just had to chime in and pass it along. Why? Well, because I think it’s pretty ridiculous and cool at the same time! To put this into perspective I think James Marshall Hendrix (aka’ Jimi Hendrix) was the greatest guitarist [and one of the best song writers] to ever walk this earth. So when some hecklers tried to say Obama used some of Jimi’s song lyrics in a speech – like that would be a BAD thing anyway, and tried to condemn him for it —this just killed me!

Has President Obama been listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix lately?  With just under two months to go before Election Day, Obama kicked off the fall campaign season Monday with an aggressive speech targeting Republicans. But it was an off-script moment in the speech that’s attracted the most attention, as Obama accused his GOP critics of talking about him “like a dog.”

“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time—and they’re not always happy with me—they talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,” Obama said during a speech at Wisconsin’s Laborfest on Monday.

Though Obama didn’t acknowledge it, the line was a exact quote from “Stone Free” the first song Hendrix wrote after moving to England in 1966.They talk about me like a dog,” the song says. “Talkin’ about the clothes I wear. But they don’t realize they’re the ones who’s square.”

Enough politics – time to jam!

It’s unclear if Obama consciously or unconsciously cited the lyric. A White House Spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. But regardless of its source, Obama’s off-script message syncs with his overall frustration with Republicans, whom he has lambasted repeatedly as the “party of no.”

With polls showing Democrats still trailing badly as the midterm campaign enters its post-Labor Day upsurge, Obama stepped up that attack line Monday. In his remarks, he suggested that the GOP will always block bipartisanship, no matter the situation. “If I said the sky was blue, they’d say no,” he vented. “If I said fish live in the sea, they’d say no. They just think it’s better to score political points before an election than to solve problems.”



Stone Free


Everyday in the week I’m in a different city
If I stay too long people try to pull me down
They talk about me like a dog
Talkin’ about the clothes I wear
But they don’t realise they’re the ones who’s squareYeah!
And that’s why
You can’t hold me down
I don’t want to be tied down I gotta move

I said
Stone free do what I please
Stone free to ride the breeze
Stone free, baby I can’t stay
I got to got to got to get away

Listen here baby
A woman here a woman there try to keep me in a plastic cage
But they don’t realise it’s so easy to break
Yeah but a sometimes I get a ha
Feel my heart kind a gettin’ hot
That’s when I got to move before I get caught

So dig this
And the is why, listen to me baby, you can’t hold me down
I don’t want to be tied down
I gotta move on

I said
Stone free do what I please
Stone free to ride the breeze
Stone free I can’t stay
Got to got to got to get away
Tear me loose baby

I said
Stone free to ride on the breeze
Stone free do what I please
Stone free I can’t stay
Stone free I got to I got to get away
Stone free go on down the highway
Stone free don’t try to hold me back baby
Stone free stone free
Stone free got to baby
Stone free got get on

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

*Article excerpt from Yahoo News Blog.

3 thoughts on “Did Obama channel Jimi Hendrix?

  1. get the democrats and republicans out of office. the current and last president are both morons.

    vote 3rd party!

  2. I suppose their all corrupt in some way or another, and if they weren’t when they come in- then they slowly
    get that way when in office. It’s just the way it is.

    It doesn’t matter what party it is!

    Normally I do not get into any religion and or politics but I thought this was hilarious!

    I have a friend in Seattle and he said that Obama was in fact up there recently paying his respects to the mighty
    Hendrix and I think that is awesome.

    Who knows, maybe he is a “closet” Hendrix rocker @ heart and those lyrics just slipped out in that speech.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. TBH Obama probably does listen to Jimi. A lot of people, president or not did and especially his age. Also if you were Jimi’s ghost wouldn’t you choose a president to be ‘channelled’ through?!

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