WARLOCK: The Story So Far 1984

*This is an ancient Metal relic that I pulled from my collection. It is a very early info promo sent out by the International WARLOCK Fan Club around 1984. I hope you enjoy it!

BTW I am correcting the bad English, to see the spelling exactly the way it was printed, contact me for a scanned .pdf of the original. I thought it was charming.


“A Magazine From Fans, For Fans”


So here it is, the first issue of the WARLOCK info mag. We hope that we’ll be able to make people attentive to the name WARLOCK. This mag. will be released every three months or so with a circulation of 10,000 copies, most of which will be in English.

The mag. is available in record stores and at the below address. With this first issue, we hope that we can give you a small insight into who and what WARLOCK is. If you have any questions about the band or the mag. please feel free to write us: INTERNATIONAL WARLOCK FAN CLUB P.O. Box 2640, 6401 DC Heerlen, Holland.


Düsseldorf, September 1982…

In an old factory building about thirty bands had their rehearsal rooms. One of these bands was called SNAKE BITE. The line-up was: one guitarist, a drummer, the bass player Frank Rittel and female vocalist Dorothee Pesch. They believed they couldn’t do anything with one guitarist, so they decided to look for another ace man. After a few sessions a young guitarist named Peter Szigeti (formerly with BEAST) got the job. From the band, SNAKE BITE, they also got their new skinsman: Michael Eurich.

With this line-up they played their first gigs, which weren’t as successful as they hoped they would be. That’s why they split up as they were rather frustrated. Frank went on to join a band called STORMWIND and Michael was looking for a new band. So, only Doro and Peter stayed in the band, who really wanted to know what they were worth now.

After lots of sessions they found Rudy Graf (a guitarist) who tried to start a band with Michael Eurich. They decided to give it a try together as they already knew Michael. At that time the line-up was: Peter Szigeti (guitar), Doro Pesch (vocals), Michael Eurich (drums) and Rudy Graf (guitar). The latter came up with the new name WARLOCK, which is old-English, meaning with illusionist or magician.

After finding a new bass player, they did a few gigs in the Düsseldorf-area (which were rather successful and promising) but because they didn’t organize it properly, it really got mixed-up. That’s why they started looking for a manager.

They found a guy called Peter Zimmermann (Pezil) from Düsseldorf, who had lots of experience in the Heavy Metal scene, but had decided to leave the scene, after his band called SIN CITY split up. They used their power of persuasion to get him to the rehearsal room, but then he was totally enthusiastic after hearing the music and especially Doro’s powerful vocals! He decided to become the manager of the band.

He arranged several gigs (supporting TRANCE), so lots of people saw the band and soon they got the name of being a totally hot live band! At that time they got their first success: No.1 at the German Rock Meeting and No.2  at the Newcomer Festival in Düsseldorf. Because of these successes, they decided to produce a single and finance it themselves. After recording the single they received several offers from small record company and forgot about the single.

Now they wanted to release an album right away. After a few hassles, they signed to the Belgian record company Mausoleum and only two months later, they started to record their first album. While recording demos for the album, they found out that the present bass player wasn’t capable to fill the job properly and they tried to persuade Frank Rittel to join the band again.

With Frank back, they started recording the album, which took only six days! The album was produced by Axel Torboville, but after hearing the first results, they called two acquaintances named Pezi (R. Assmann and H. Staroste) to remix the album. So now everything was alright until the next setback: the cover.

Jam on the Dark Fade song!

The original artist  Nico Chiriatti) came up with a “drizzly” drawing for the cover for Mausoleum. It was used without permission and had nothing to do with the original idea. But in spite of all these problems, the album sold really well (almost 20,000) in the first six months –which is rather remarkable for a newcomer band.

The reviews were good to very good in Metal Forces (UK), Kerrang (UK), Enfer (France), Aardschok (Netherlands) and several other mags. Even in Australia they reached No.24 in the Heavy Metal charts. Decisive for the sales of the album were their live performances. After lots of concerts in Germany, they also did gigs in Luxemburg, Belgium and especially Holland.

From the Dutch gigs, the three at the Dynamo-Club (Eindhoven) and the one at the Earthquake Festival (Kaatsheuvel) were the best. Unfortunately, other very important gigs abroad had to be canceled because of lack of backing from their record company Mausoleum. In Autumn of 84′, 1-2 gigs in England and 1 gig in Paris were planned, but they had to cancel these gigs because they didn’t get any financial support and they didn’t feel good about this either!

All in all, they weren’t happy with Mausoleum Records, because the distribution of the album was bad and they didn’t get paid and or any royalties. It was impossible to get the album in some countries although the album should have been released there. It was all in the contract with Mausoleum, but they (the band -ed) didn’t bother to dispute it.

Favorable record sales (for an independent label) is probably the reason for the interest from bigger record companies. That’s why a delegate from Phonogram Records was present on their first gig in Lacomblet, Düsseldorf on September 14th,84′. He had to be convinced that WARLOCK really had the quality to offer. Apparently his report to the record company wasn’t so negative, because when WARLOCK played the Dynamo in Eindhoven (Holland) on October 6th, some more people from Phonogram were present.

After the gig they met and did some serious talking about a possible deal. So, this night was their first step on the road together with Phonogram. Finally in February 85′ after all conditions had been settled, they signed to Phonogram.

The first WARLOCK album for Phonogram will be released May 85′, after which the band will go on tour in Europe with their new equipment and stage show, visiting the following countries: Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. Then the last doubter will hopefully be convinced that WARLOCK is another rising star in the Heavy Metal Heavens!

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*Check out those dandy sneakers in the advert above!


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There will be a lot of you out there who still haven’t seen WARLOCK on stage yet. For those people, we’ll try to describe what the band offers live. First to be noticed is Doro’s superb singing. Live she sounds the same (or even better) than on the album! Visually, Doro is like the bands “sign board”…a female vocalist and one that even looks good. Not many bands can offer that either (I agree – ed).

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The rhythm section consist of Frank Rittel (bass) + Michael Eurich (drums) and they both work with the precision of a Swiss watch so that the “axe-crazy” lunatics Peter Szigeti and Rudy Graf can present their great show without loosing touch. Another eye-catcher is the fact that Rudy is right-handed player and Peter is left-handed. During a typical gig 17 or 18 tracks are played. Among them are the older songs Demon’s Party, Ticket to Hell, On the Run or Iron Lady and the entire Burning the Witches album.


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All the songs are faster and heavier live compared to the album. Everything sounds really spontaneous because they don’t study their stage movements prior and or use lots of fireworks. Only the show opener Wildfire and the track Without You uses some dry-ice and pyro effects.

*Have a listen to the excellent Burning the Witches track.

The song Burning the Witches easily becomes the gig’s highlight and is often played twice (when and if the audience so desires). We feel the band is worth a visit if you get a chance to see them live. You probably will because the band will be back on the road in May and June with a small European tour.


For Fans Only!

On this section we would like to introduce you to the official WARLOCK fan club. It’s an official fan club and it’s being supported by both the band and the record label.

Our goal is to unite the WARLOCK fans together and keep them posted on what’s happening with the band. A one year fee is 20 Guilders, 20DM or $8 US. For that, you will get an autographed photo, a fan club button, a membership card, several info mag’s, four fan club mag’s and discounted merchandise.

*The first 250 members will also get a free WARLOCK T-shirt (printed on both sides). Other fan club members can buy the shirt for 5 Guilders, 5DM or $2 US (+ p&p costs). If you have any questions, please contact us at the following address (please enclose an SAE): International WARLOCK Fan Club P.O.Box 2640, 6401 DC HEERLIN, Holland.


Readers To The Front!!

In front of you is the very first WARLOCK info mag. and of course we hope that you like it! We felt that in the future mag’s to come there should be a section reserved for the readers only. So, if you have any ideas or questions (maybe to a member of the band ) then please feel free to write us. Even if you just want to write something about WARLOCK yourself, please do and we’ll try to insert everything we receive in the mag.

Anyway, we hope that you participate!




01. Sign Of Satan
02. After The Bomb
03. Dark Fade
04. Homicide Rocker
05. Without You
06. Metal Racer
07. Burning The Witches
08. Hateful Guy
09. Holding Me



01. Hellbound
02. All Night
03. Earthshaker Rock
04. Wrathchild
05. Down And Out
06. Out Of Control
07. Time To Die
08. Shout It Out
09. Catch My Heart



01. You Hurt My Soul (On ‘N’ On)
02. Evil/Turn It On



01. Mr. Gold
02. Fight For Rock
03. Love In A Danger Zone
04. Speed Of Sound
05. Midnite In China
06. Vorwärts, All Right!
07. True As Steel
08. Lady In A Rock´n´Roll Hell
09. Love Song
10. Igloo On The Moon (Reckless)
11. T.O.L.



01. Fight For Rock
02. Mr. Gold
03. Midnite In China
04. You Hurt My Soul
05. Turn It On
06. Evil



01. All We Are
02. Three Minute Warning
03. I Rule The Ruins
04. Kiss Of Death
05. Make Time For Love
06. East Meets West
07. Touch Of Evil
08. Metal Tango
09. Cold, Cold World
10. Für Immer



WARLOCK Band (Wiki Info)

Official DORO Website

Warlock + DORO biography



9 thoughts on “WARLOCK: The Story So Far 1984

  1. A great trip down Warlock memory lane!
    Many details I never knew about here… a Warlock Heavy Metal History lesson!

    The “Triumph And Agony” album artwork is amazing stuff.
    I recently found a vinyl copy in near mint condition for a very meager… 50 cents! (Second hand store find). (:

    Stone \m/

  2. Thanks for the FB Stone.

    I still remember the day I received that in the mail even. I also have something from HELLOWEEN from that era.

    Nice vinyl score – The song “All We Are” was memorable from that release.

    Pick up the first two WARLOCK LP’s when given the chance – they rock!

    For fans of: Iron Maiden, Accept and Scorpions (but with a Pat Benatar-ish) front woman in Doro.

    Rock on!


  3. Good article.

    I never heard them until True as steel and have still never heard the first two albums.

  4. thanks!


    you have to go back to the first two LP’s!

    IMO they are less-produced and more in your face with raw (youth) energy!
    …each LP after that became more and more
    commercial (I guess in an attempt to market and or make “Doro” a household name as a solo artist).


  5. Come to think of it I don’t have anything by them anymore because what I did have was on cassette. I know most of them go fairly cheap on used CD so I should pick them up at some point.

  6. cool – I used to jam on them/her up until about “All We Are” era.

    *Will have to check out your posts.

    Thanks for sharing and for reading Demolish.

  7. Pingback: Vintage 80′s HELLOWEEN promo [West Germany] « Demolish Fanzine

  8. yeah, good article. I started to listen to Doro when I used to listen Lita Ford’s music. Now I love them both. But Warlock’s history opened my eyes and ears. I think that their best album is burning witches, but my favorite album is Triumph And Agony, kick ass!

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